Slack is an online messaging app for teams. We’ve been using it since February 2018 and it’s working really well.

In Slack we can discuss & plan events without having to be in the same room at the same time. If you can’t make it to our Friday morning meetings but you want to participate in Shacklewell Families, Slack is the answer!

We’re going to continue using it for the foreseeable future and we’d love to see you participate.


Conversations in Slack are organised into #channels. We’ve set up channels for each SPA event.

We also have channels for the various ways people can help Shacklewell Families – we’re calling these teams, but you’re free to join or leave at any time!

We’re trying to involve as many parents as possible, so all contributions are welcome.

Over-notification syndrome?

The notifications in Slack are very user-friendly. You can set Do Not Disturb times where Slack will leave you alone. You won’t miss anything because next time you login it will show you what you missed.

You can also add & remove yourself from channels whenever you like, so if the conversation isn’t relevant you can leave it.

If you’re feeling digitally overwhelmed Slack is on your side!

How to join

Just contact us with your name & email address and we’ll send you an invite.

If you have an idea of which areas you’d like to help in that would be great – we can help you join the right channels. Or if you just want to join to see what all the fuss is about that’s fine too!