We raise money to help the school pay for things, so we need a clear process for the school to make requests, for us to approve them and then pay for them.

The steps are as follows:

  1. The school requests wishlist items
  2. The request is reported to the committee
  3. At the next meeting we discuss the request & vote on its approval
  4. We notify the school & committee on the outcome
  5. If approved, the Treasurers transfer funds and notify the committee

We’re trying to automate parts of this process to make it more reliable and also more transparent to members. Purchase requests can now be made by the school using the form below and will appear on the following spreadsheet where their status can be tracked:

Shacklewell Management To make a purchase request please fill in the form below. Purchase requests will be discussed and voted on at our next meeting.

Permitted administrators can edit the shared spreadsheet here