What is Parent Council?

Shacklewell Parent Council is a forum to air your ideas, views or concerns about issues that affect children and parents at the school.

It is an opportunity to hear about things that are going on at school outside your child's year group and is a way of communicating to parents all the great things that happen at our school.

Points raised during Parent Council meetings are discussed with the school so they can come back to the Council with feedback and solutions.

When does Parent Council meet?

Once every half term on a Friday at 9am in the Community Room.

Dates can be found on the calendar below, in school newsletters and are also sent out by text and in our mailing list.

Can I go to a meeting?

Yes! All parents/carers/grandparents are welcome. Meetings are open to everyone.

How is the agenda put together?

Agenda items are raised with the Chair, Nicola Palmer or with Betty or Michaela in the school office at least two weeks before a Council meeting.

Items must relate to the school body/groups of the school body.

Individual children’s concerns should be raised with the class teacher.

Do I have to go to a meeting to raise something I want to talk about?

Not if you don’t want to. You can email Parent Council or talk to Betty or Michaela if you don’t want to come to the meeting. You can raise points anonymously.

How do I contact Parent Council?

By email , speak to Betty or Michaela at the school office or speak to Nicola Palmer in the playground.

How do I join your mailing list?

It’s very easy! Just sign up here.

Events calendar

The calendar embedded below shows Parent Council meetings, Shacklewell Families meetings & events, and school holidays.

You can subscribe to this calendar in Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Outlook using this ical link:

Parent Council mailing list

The mailing list is run by us parents using MailChimp, and it’s really easy to unsubscribe. If you’d like to know what to expect you can view our previous emails here.

Contact us

If you’d like to get involved with Parent Council, please join our mailing list, speak with Nicola Palmer in the playground, email us or use the fancy contact form below:

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