27th March 2018


Naomi Richards (Acting Chair), Dan Farrow (SPA Secretary), Rosie Hackett, Sara Le Turcq, Axelle Young

Shacklewell Day – Friday May 11th

The main focus is on food but there will also be entertainment & some games. Food portions will be small, more like a tasting event.

Some parents will be paying to have a stall at the event and then run it themselves. Others will contribute food which we will sell for them.

Sara & Marina aren’t available on the day but can help set up before the event.

Edil has organised a group to represent East Africa.

Satoko is going to pay to have a stall selling Japanese craft & origami.

We discussed pricing. People running their own stall could set their own price, with an upper limit.

We discussed offering funding for people making larger dishes and decided this would be discussed individually with people who might not otherwise be able to contribute.


We could potentially have food from Italy, France, East Africa, Turkey, Japan, Jamaica, Mauritius, Spain…


We discussed games including the following points:

  • Two well organised games might be enough
  • Games should be outside
  • Games should be simple enough for kids to participate easily
  • Games should be suitable for all ages
  • Rosie mentioned a man who sets up giant board games in Gillet Square
  • Maybe the PE coaches could organise something?
  • Hula-hooping competition or some other challenge
  • Rosie suggested a Cultural Treasure Hunt event which Sara agreed to help organise
  • Ideas for a second game or activity:
    • Pegdoll craft table
    • Costumes of the World activity e.g. paper dolls
    • Flags of the World craft table
    • Boules in Nursery area?
  • Friendship tree?
  • Asking children to organise a stall
    • Clash with SATs for Year 6
    • Maybe ask Year 5?
    • Or leave it for Summer Fair?

Music & entertainment

  • African story telling with Corinne?
  • Mr Pickett can organise a performance
  • Miss Marshall said her choir can perform


  • Walls in the hall are already filled with artwork so we would need to hang stuff from the ceiling
  • The school has flags which we used at the Festival of Friendship
  • Rosie has fabrics from around the world e.g. saris which could be hung from the ceiling
  • We have African style bunting in the SPA cupboard

Action list

  • Ask Sebastian if he can provide cheeses
  • Put note on Slack about the communities we’re going to target & ask for suggestions
  • Ask Sheena if she wants to run a stall
  • Axelle to ask Italian parents
  • Update poster text with Carston to make it clearer it’s a tasting event, bite sized portions?
  • Tell parents to include a list of ingredients
  • Naomi to ask Kerryann if she can find more Caribbean parents
  • Naomi to ask Brazilian parents
  • Ask Mirela if she can make a dish
  • Axelle to ask Polish parents
  • Sara to talk to Turkish parents
  • Sara to talk to Pakistani parents
  • Investigate Costumes of the World paper doll activity
  • Investigate Flags of the World craft table
  • Ask parents on Slack for ideas for games
  • Dan Put note on Slack about Shacklewell Families & family photo board
  • Help needed for compiling music playlist for Shacklewell Day
  • Sara to start planning Cultural Treasure Hunt event
  • Ask Corinne re: African story telling

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