21st March 2014

Minutes taken by Dan Farrow


Gisele Della Bella (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Rosie Hackett, Chloe Brenner, Sophie Oliver, Ruth Fitzgerald, Julie Dixon, Rahel Tesfalem, Thérèse Holmes, Cintia Mertens, Ally Scott, Roheema Khanum, Rooma Parmar, Moriom Bibi, Yildiz Buz

Treasurer’s report

  • The cake sale was an amazing success with £220.55 raised
  • 2014 Panto ticket cost has increased from £8.50 to £9 / ticket
  • We agreed to allocate £50 from funds to buy games for the Breakfast Club
  • We agreed to increase our contribution to Panto tickets from £3.50 to £4 per ticket

Vote in new secretary

Dan Farrow was unanimously voted in as new secretary

Cake Sale

  • Good weather and flyer campaign worked well
  • A sign at the KS2 playground gate was suggested
  • We agreed on May 2nd as the date of the next Cake Sale
  • We agreed that Y1 and Y2 will run the sale but contributions are welcome from all years


  • Chloe volunteered to make a sign for the KS2 playground
  • The wording on the flyer and poster should be amended to make it clear that contributions are welcome from all years

Spring Fair

Beyond Retro and The Marshal Arts Place have each donated £100 – please shop there!

Breakdown of costs:

  • £33 prizes for chucky egg and kids tombola – we have bought egg shaped kinder egg type gift
  • £25 face painting kit – can hopefully use again for Bingo night
  • £70 for Rosie’s famous craft schools
  • £20 approx for signage
  • £10 drinks
  • £25 Argos voucher for raffle
  • £10 for henna painting stall (see below)
  • £7 left for contingency

Everybody was happy with the cost breakdown

Gisele has booked the Community Room from 11:30 onwards for preparations. We can set up outside if the weather is good, from 14:30

Rosie was concerned about table space for the craft stall – suggested to use a couple of dining tables & smaller tables from KS1 classrooms. These would have to be collected at 15:30


  • Chloe has 60 metres of bunting we can use
  • Locate bunting from Summer Fair (Sarah B & Sarah D?)
  • Use school ladder for hanging bunting outside
  • Work out how many tables we will need and which to use


Roheema offered to run a Henna hand-painting stall with her sister again. This was very successful last time. We agreed to allocate £10 from funds for materials.

Yildiz has 2 cousins coming who can help run stalls.

We discussed the stalls and made some changes to who would run them:

  • Raffle of awesomeness (50p per ticket, 12 for £5) – PETER TAYLOR, JO SHERRAT
  • Chucky Egg (50p per go) – KATE GROVES, SARAH DARLING
  • Adult Tombola (50p per go) – ZOE, CINTIA
  • Face painting (50p per go) – SOPHIE
  • Queen of Hearts (£1) – SARAH BURNS
  • The Key (50p for 3 goes) – DAN
  • Rosie’s Famous Crafts – ROSIE, CAROL BURNS, OLIVIA, CHLOE
  • Easter Egg hunt (20p/30p?) – JULIE DIXON, TEACHERS
  • Toy Stall (50p per item?) – SOPHIE, SAM, THÉRÈSE (part-time)
  • Rooma’s stall – ROOMA?
  • Kids Tombola (30p per go) – ?
  • Cakes and snacks – GISELE, MORIOM BIBI
  • Fish tank (not sure) – ALLY
  • Henna hand painting – ROHEEMA & ANESHA


  • Recruit more parents to help on stalls. Also recruit more help on the day
  • Julie Dixon offered to make a list of which stalls need more help
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Julie Dixon agreed to recruit 6 volunteers
  • Rosie’s Craft Stall: Find containers to put craft in to protect them from the wind
  • Cakes and snacks: Decide if it’s worth filling the tea urn. If we use it it has to be heated well in advance.
  • Toy Stall: Put flyers in bookbags asking for donations
  • Music: Ruth agreed to ask Mr Cowdrill about playing some music. Cintia & Rosie will ask for possible performers e.g. Olivia. Sophie will ask Mark & Helen if they can play.
  • Glitter tattoos: Marion to confirm if she’ll be running this
  • Rooma’s stall: Rooma to confirm if she’ll be running this


Chloe has made a wonderful board displaying the raffle prizes

We agreed that raffle tickets would be sold in advance in school, rather than being put in book bags


Gisele volunteered to help sell tickets and recruit others


We agreed that bingo cards would be sold on the day rather than in advance

We agreed to beginning the event at 17:30 and ending at 19:30

Yildiz Buz has a £25 gift voucher from M&S and 2 cafes offering free lunches. These are too late for raffle prizes but could be offered as Bingo prizes.


Ruth agreed to approach Voodoo Rays, Dominos, La Barca etc. about pizza sponsorship – deadline TBC

Road Closure for Street Play

We ran out of time but Julie confirmed she is on the case

Date of next meeting

Next SPA meeting will be Thursday 24th April pm / Friday 25th April am


The evening meeting will need a secretary as Dan can’t make it

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