9th November 2018


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Shade Adelaja, Tiziana Pellico, Rebecca Huxley, Aleya Begum, Emma Rees, Taz Waby

Treasurer update

Naomi delivered the summary from Catherine

  • £9,342.60 in bank currently
  • £772 generated from Fright Night

Fright Night feedback

  • It was a great total for a 2 hour event
  • Mac & cheese, pizzas & chips all ran out

School wishlist

  • The school has no wishlist items at present
  • We need to speak to school leadership about possibilities
  • We should also be generating ideas & deciding what we spend on
    • Trips have been cut
    • Bev is keen to update the garden area
  • People like to know what they are fundraising for
  • We discussed having a campaign in January to get purchase ideas from the children

Christmas Fair

We discussed:

Entry fee

  • Single entry fee has been very popular in previous events and is easier for everybody
  • £1 entry and free activities once inside works well
  • Food, craft stalls & Grotto would be extra
  • Stamp for entry fee, wristband for Grotto
  • Slight problem with kids being already be in the building
    • Speak to school about making it easier to funnel families through the entrance
  • Donation buckets need to be more obvious


We discussed theme ideas including German Christmas Market, Calypso, Christmas Around the World

Outside area

  • Scandinavian stalls outside
  • Mulled wine
  • Non-alcoholic spiced apple punch
  • We need gazebos for outside & for the grotto
  • “Knock the Head Off Christmas Teacher” stall
  • Makers Market


  • Rebecca might have decoration stuff from the 3rd
  • Gifts for grotto
    • Gold coins
    • Fortunes / motivational messages
    • Taz will try and source books
    • Taz will help make up gift bags
  • Holding / queueing area
    • Last year we had planned for people to queue outside where there were activities to keep the kids occupied, but the weather was too cold and people ended up queueing on the stairs. We have decided to move the “holding area”
    • Outside Year 2 classroom
    • Activities to keep waiting kids occupied
      • Stories?
      • Close-up magic – waiting to hear if Josh is available
      • Screening a film e.g. The Snowman
    • We discussed splitting the 2 hours into 4 x 30 minute timeslots and issuing different coloured wristbands for each. People would still have to queue but they would have a better idea of how long

We ran out of time to cover the rest of the agenda so we will plan a second meeting next week – probably Thursday 15th TBC


  • TAZ to try and source books for gifts
  • EMMA may be able to source gazebos
  • Speak to school about making it easier to funnel families through the entrance
  • DAN to ask Caroline if she’s making chutney
  • Ask for contributions of other homemade food items to sell
  • DAN Email Rebecca to ask about decoration stuff

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