9th June 2017


Sarah Burns (Former Chair), Ping Henningham (Chair Elect), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Ally Scott, Sara Le Turcq, Gemma Hansen, Libby Cook, Cathy Roberts, Asabo Mitarai, Satoko Matsuzawa, Mirela Reljan-Delaney, Beatrice Holmes, Rooma Parmer

School uniform fund

We’ve been asked to contribute a fund for parents that need help buying school uniforms.

This would be administrated by Miss King. We discussed a suitable amount to contribute and decided £250 which would cover around 6 uniforms.

We also discussed: * Asking parents to contribute used uniforms * Running a school uniform stall with clothes on rails whenever we have a cake sale

We agreed to contribute £250 to the school

Summer trip treats

The school have asked for £100 / year group to allow teachers to treat the children during this terms school trips.

We agreed to contribute £700 towards this

Science Lab

The school have asked us to donate £4,000 towards building a new Science Lab in the ICT suite.

  • SPA should be able to afford this over the next year
  • We discussed special science related fundraising events
  • Cathy mentioned a fund available to support physics learning
  • Ping knows how to make rockets!

We agreed to contribute towards this

Sarah to create financial breakdown of what we can afford

Keatons boards

So far we’ve raised a whopping £1,600 with 80 boards going up – a SPA record! Thanks again to everybody who has agreed to have a board up.

Summer Fair

  • Feedback about Open Mic has not been overwhelming so we may drop this
  • Food stall ideas discussed
    • The cultural food stalls were very successful at the Festival of Friendship
    • Rooma is happy to run a stall again
    • Ghanian snack stall
    • Pimms & Rum stall
    • Snow Cones are always a good seller (even though they’re a pain to make!)
    • Pizza
    • Sandwichs would be simple and popular amongst the kids
    • Fruit cups
    • Cake stall


Sarah pointed out that the school building cannot be open during the fair for security reasons, so all entertainment would need to happen outside. Also we only have two power outlets available which limits games that require electrical equipment.

Ping showed us a master list of stall options which we discussed – some key points:

  • Open Mic
    • For practical reasons we decided to incorporate the karaoke into the Open Mic, so karaoke will be on the same stage
  • Beat the Goalie
    • Hopefully Sampson will be available, otherwise a parent will need to run
  • Crockery smash
    • We need to collect crockery from Clare’s studio
    • Broken crockery could be used in the garden
  • Obstacle Course
    • We need somebody to set this up
  • Soak-A-Teacher
    • We need to recruit more teachers
  • Bowling Alley
    • We need skittles – Gemma has skittles!
  • Flump (Spaghetti & Marshmallow) towers
    • We need somebody to run it – preferably an architect!
    • Sarah to get supplies from Tescos
  • Lolly Sticks in the sand is always popular
  • Tombola
    • Popular stall but we need decent prizes for it
    • We could ask for donations of unwanted new items
  • Mystery Box game / Human Fruit Machine
  • Crazy Hair Salon
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Musical Instrument making
  • Face Painting
  • Karaoke
    • Sara knows somebody with a machine
    • We had a heated debate about it and decided to try it if we can get the equipment together
  • Raffle – to be arranged by Sarah


  • We agreed to spend £250 from the estate agents boards money towards supplies for the fair
  • Adults pay 50p to enter, kids are free
  • We discussed using tokens rather than cash
    • We would offer discounts for buying tokens in bulk & buying in advances
    • Tokens allow parents to more easily keep track of what they’re spending
    • Tokens would only be for games. Food stalls would use cash

We had an in depth discussion about the cost of tokens & stalls, how to make SPA events more inclusive and how to help families who have to budget very carefully. Cathy suggested having a separate future SPA meeting about an ongoing strategy and seeking advice from the Miss King & the school.


  • Sarah to get cheese sandwich supplies from Tescos
  • Sarah to get spaghetti & marshmallows from Tescos
  • Ask for donations of unwanted new items for the Tombola
  • Ask school kitchen to save tins & boxes for craft
  • Check if we can get run the required karaoke equipment outside

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