8th June 2018 Summer Fair planning


Naomi Richards (Acting Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Clare Spindler, Rebecca Huxley, Anna Skrein, Tmnit Andom, Billy Cilibanov, Mirela Reljan-Delaney, Derek Smith

Plastic Free

Naomi had the idea of trying to make the event plastic free. There was good support for this idea.

While it might not be possible for us to be 100% plastic free, we would aim to reduce plastic usage to a minimum.

We discussed some ideas to facilitate this: No more small plastic toys (that end up in the bin) as prizes Raffle tickets as prizes for the treasure hunt Small chocolates as prizes for other stalls Scoreboard for Beat the Goalie Tattoos as prizes Use sponges again (rather than water balloons) on Beat the Teacher Nearly all catering stuff is now non-plastic Origami frogs made by Y4 kids as prizes (Mirela suggestion)

Recycling area

We’d also like to encourage recycling at the event by having a dedicated recycling area in each playground with green bags for paper cups & plates.

Craft stalls

  • Masks & headdresses
  • Felting
    • Rebecca might not be available on the day

Other stalls

  • Facepainting: Olivia can’t do it but Georgia might be able to
  • Glitter Tattoos: Jo & Alex
  • Limbo: Huw?
  • Crockery Smash: Clare + 1 other
  • Beat the Goalie: Billy
  • Fimo Clay bead making activity: Clare
  • Panini swap station (Anna’s suggestion): Maybe Y6 child?
  • Sandra (Liam’s mum) and Anna’s sister may be available to help


  • S-Factor Talent show
    • < 6 people, 2 mins max, dance routine or song (over backing track) or magic etc. Only space for 10 acts
    • Mr McGrath will be announcing the brief to kids on Monday 11th
    • We’re trying to get a Celebrity judge, or we may get one of the teachers to dress up as Simon Cowell or similar
  • Salsa group
  • Afro-cuban percussion
  • The school choir is no longer active, unfortunately
  • Derek suggested a Parents Talent Show which we thought would be a great idea for a future event


  • Circus after-school club are not responding…
  • Mirela to ask Mimbre
  • What to pay organisation running workshops?
    • < £100, but acts can advertise & get free food, drink
  • Slacklining – Clare has a slackline but we need somebody knowledgeable to run the workshop


  • Clare has jam jars
  • Beatrice’s mother has jam jars


At least 2 companies donating prizes have asked if they can promote their companies at the event.

We agreed this was fine as long as all donors were offered the same opportunity, and that it didn’t intrude too much on the event.

We agreed that a sponsors table with flyers by the wristband booth would be appropriate.


  • Rebecca offered to help Axelle make signs
  • Bunting
    • Traditional triangles, or colourful ribbons, or both?
    • We don’t want to use plastic ribbon
    • Paper might be an idea but can’t be reused
    • Maybe use fabric from Community Room?
    • Look for fabric in Scrapstore?
    • Rebecca has lots of white fabric that she can dye
    • Sewing machines for bunting
  • Tablecloths for dying
  • Clare may have multi-coloured parachute for the ticket booth


We briefly discussed pricing for food. The fair is open to people from outside school so full plates of food should be priced more realisticaly. The final prices will depend on the dishes we have on the day, but as a guide we settled on:

  • Food £2 to £3
  • Cocktails £2 / £2.50
  • Ice Creams
    • If we do it it has to be planned properly!
    • We agreed to that in principle we would like to do ice-creams
    • Choc ices might be an easier option
    • Wafers & ice-cream blocks might be another option


  • MIRELA Ask Mimbre about running a Circus workshop
  • DAN Get extra green bags from Hackney for recycling area
  • NAOMI & REBECCA Go to Scrap Project for cardboard, colourful silks, ribbons
  • NAOMI Ask Rosie re: bunting
  • DAN Ask Nic re: additional Gazebos
  • DEREK Supplying cardboard for making signs
  • NAOMI Decide about ice-cream & plan as required
  • CLARE Look for multi-coloured parachute for the ticket booth
  • Find a slacklining expert
  • Find an MC / Ringmaster

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