7th June 2019 Summer Fair planning


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Clare Spindler, Axelle Young, Elina Dzosare, Anna Pilch, Sara Le Turcq, Tasmin Waby

Treasurer update

Current bank balance is £12,731.66 which includes:

  • £355 allocated for anti-bullying week
  • £1,382.99 allocated for Summer Trips

leaving £10,993.67 unallocated

Update from the Chair

Bake Off today

Grant will be filming the judging and the video will be projecting during the Cake Sale – thanks Grant!

Teddy Bears picnic – June 20th

We’ll be there again to recruit new parents

Sports Day – June 26th

We’re planning to sell teas & coffees at Sports Day. Also snacks – popcorn, maybe sandwiches. This will be discussed in the Sports Day WhatsApp group.

Estate Agent boards

We touched on looking at alternatives to boards in future. Dan has set up a fundraiser for people who want to support the school but don’t want to have or encourage boards

Summer Fair – Saturday July 6th, 12:30–4:00

Summer Fair Raffle & Silent Auction

Clare gave us an update on the current prizes. We have confirmed prizes from 16 local businesses. Alia has also sourced some great prizes from school suppliers.

If people know local small business owners please encourage them to donate something. General interest prizes will go in the raffle; niche interest items will go into the Silent Auction

Raffle ticket prices

Tickets have been 50p for nearly ten years! There’s a big disparity between the value of the prizes and the amount we raise [put example here].

After a dicussion and some compelling arguments from Clare we agreed to raise the price to £1.

Sara offered to help with cutting & stapling raffle tickets.

We discussed improvements to the raffle drawing process:

  • Larger container
  • Tickets need to be carefully seperated and well mixed
  • Big ticket prize draws will be interspersed with smaller prizes to keep audience interest up


We agreed to pay again for the breakdancing workshop and to make it more visible by holding it on or near the stage area. The stage will be more central to the event

Food & drink

Ashlyn’s are donating 60 burgers and a barbeque which will save us a lot of expense

Anna offered to make waffles. We agreed to try doing both crepes & waffles

We agreed to aim to spend £100 on food & drink and try to get as many donations as possible.

Axelle offered to donate Sainsbury’s vouchers which she gets from her credit card provider. Clare offered to donate Nectar points on her Sainsbury’s card – it would be great if other families could do the same! Note that Nectar points are non-transferable so we would need people to go to Sainsbury’s for us in person.

Team Leaders

Clare suggested that Team Leaders need to be proactive at finding volunteers to help them on the day. People generally respond better to a request in person rather than an email.

We will also recruit volunteers via other channels e.g. sign up sheets at the school gate

Recycling bins

We need to organise recycling bins, also signs. Grazebrook had a recyling shack – look on grazebrookpsa’s Instagram for photo


We had a final discussion about options for coffee on the day…

Plant pots

We need donations of small plant pots for the potting stall

Once again we ran out of time! We’ll organise another meeting next Friday (June 14th) to continue planning…


  • DAN Let Jonas know about raffle ticket price change & final big ticket prizes
  • DAN To send Jonas sponsor logos for adding to the poster
  • SARA To liaise with Mellow Cafe about providing coffee on the day and/or donating a prize voucher
  • DAN Send mailout requesting plant pots
  • DAN Make poster of sponsor logos
  • Post photos of posters/flyers with sponsor logos on Instagram
  • DAN Import updated raffle prize spreadsheet and share with people in #raffle Slack group
  • CLARE To organise & run “Guess How Many Cherry Pits in the Jar” game

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