6th July 2018


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Edil Adan Ahmed, Catherine Nicols, Tasmin Waby, Dilek Aktas, Zeynep Cevik, Zöhre Gorip, Gulbahar Hezer

New Chair voting

Naomi, who has been Acting Chair for the last 6 months, was the sole candidate.

Everybody present (9 people) voted for Naomi, plus we had 9 email votes.

Congratulations Naomi!

SF Co-Secretary

Naomi announced that we need someone for the role of co-secretary and to eventually take over from Dan’s role. We decided this should happen two weeks into new term.

Summer Fair report

Catherine gave a report on the profits from the Summer Fair.

The table below includes comparison with figures from 2017’s Summer Fair, where known.

Top earners are marked with ⭐️

  2017 2018
Entry / Wristbands £765.35 £864.53
BBQ ⭐️   £181.48
Lemonade   £50.50
Crepes £19.90 £33.50
Cultural Foods ⭐️ £8.60 £317.87
Snowcones ⭐️ £65.45 £145.35
Kids Food ⭐️   £118.25
Cakes/kitchen/ice-creams £234.70 £81.60
Food subtotal £328.65 £928.55
Plants & jams ⭐️   £176.40
Paid-for Stalls £45.00 £35.00
Drinks/Bar ⭐️ £144.35 £258.00
Silent Auction ⭐️   £687.50
Raffle ⭐️ £573.50 £748.90
Personal donation   £205.00
Estate Agent boards £1,760.00 £1,460.00
Total   £5,363.88
Expenses   -£418.11
Grand total £3,619.85 £4,945.77


These worked really well and have had excellent feedback from families as kids can enjoy the fair without pestering for more money all the time.

S-Factor Talent Show

This was great but it did overrun because of too many acts. In future the pre-selection should be better organised and trimmed down to fewer acts. There was a small technical problem on the stage which meant we didn’t have any background music between events.


In future needs to be overseen by one person to avoid confusion.

Breakdancing Workshop

The guy running it was brilliant but he didn’t have enough kids participating. It would have had better attendance if it had been on or near the main stage.

Silent Auction

In future we should make bigger announcements about it, have clearly defined cut-off times and get the website up earlier.

In general we need more volunteers on the day to relieve stall holders, distribute water etc.

Some families were affected by the change of date, which was due to a scheduling clash with Grazebrook Families who needed the stage & PA on the same date. We will try and avoid this next year.

Some stall-holders were very proactive and self-sufficient, making sure their stall was setup and ready to go. This made a huge difference and we will try and encourage more of this in future.

Dates for events next year

We started to discuss provisional dates for major Shacklewell Families events in the next school year. These need to be discussed with school leadership.

We agreed that Shacklewell Day should be moved to September and be the first major event of the school year This would be a really lovely welcome to new families.

Ramadan is between 5th May to 4th June so we should avoid events during that period.

Provisional dates have been added to the Shacklewell Families internal calendar with the prefix “TBC”. You can view the calendar here or copy & paste this link:


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