5th October 2018


Naomi Richards (Chair), Catherine Nicols (Treasurer), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Mila Pekcan, Patricia O’Flannagan, Axelle Young, Rooma Parmar, Tasmin Waby, Aleya Begum, Elina Dzosare, Sinem Tuncer, Sara Le Turcq

Treasurer’s report

Catherine delivered a report on our finances including the following points:

  • Current bank balance is £14,992.60
  • She is about to give the school a cheque for £6,400 – Science Lab & Panto contributions
  • Committed approx £250 to uniform fund – awaiting an official request from the school
  • This term we have already made £989
    • £232 cake & uniform sale
    • £468 at Shacklewell Day
    • £169 received from Romain’s sponsored Mini Triathlon- thanks again Romain!
  • School wishlist so far:
    • £426 for Anti-Bullying project
    • TBC First News subscription
  • Charitable status
    • It’s a legal requirement because we raise over £5,000 / annum
    • There are loads of benefits
    • Catherine has the forms and is going to move this forward

Shacklewell Day debrief

£468.89 raised at Shacklewell Day

Naomi asked for feedback. Most comments were positive:

  • The event was well organised & fun
  • It was great to see new families at the event
  • Good idea to have it at the start of the year
    • Great intro to the school for new parents
    • New families can get involved in Shacklewell Families from the start
    • A new parent commented that it really helped her daughter settle in
  • It’s nice for stall-holders to get offered a break to get a drink & some food
  • Ice cones were very popular with the kids
  • Outdoor space was great – lucky with the weather

Some opportunities to improve the event:

  • Some volunteers found it difficult having the event so early in the year, with other things going on
    • Perhaps if we didn’t have a cake sale beforehand it would help us focus on Shacklewell Day
    • We should schedule a planning session for the next Shacklewell Day before the summer break (I have added a reminder in the internal calendar)
  • Treasure Hunt ran out of entry forms – it’s difficult to predict numbers in advance
  • The outdoor space was limited by the construction work, but this is only temporary
  • There was some confusion / complaints from participants over which things are free & which are paid
  • The outdoor space could have done with more games

Fright Night – November 2nd 17:00 – 19:00

The post-Halloween timing means that families can donate their leftover sweets!

We could do with a Project Manager to oversee organising the event. The main responsibilities would be: Organising teams & leaders Organising volunteers to run each stall/activity * Making sure everybody knows what they’re doing on the day

Spooky Trail

This is a Treasure Hunt with riddles. The riddles give a clue to spooky props, which have words on them which form a sentence.

Having the wooded area & KS2 playgrounds currently off limits means it will be less spooky.

It’s a lot of work to prepare. Maybe we can come up with something else for this year as the outdoor space is restricted, or maybe we will have enough other stalls & activities.

Knock the Zombies Head Off

  • Run by CAT last year – hopefully she still has the props
  • We probably need somebody to run it
  • It doesn’t take much to run the stall – two people on rotation
  • SARA will run it if Cat isn’t available (unless she’s running the Tasting Game – see below)

Squidgy Brains

  • Run by GEMMA last year
  • UPDATE Gemma has said she will run it again

Blood Tasting

  • [outline it here]
  • TASMIN said she’ll do it this year

Ask the Mummy

  • A parent (MARTIN last year) walks around dressed as a scary Mummy. The Mummy asks children riddles. If they solve the riddle they get a prize, but if they fail the Mummy chases them!
  • Could change the format – kids get asked questions and if they get it wrong the mummy gets closer
  • SARA has questions from last year which we can reuse
  • PATRICIA suggested having KS1 and KS2 questions, colour coded, to make it more age-appropriate
  • UPDATE Martin has said he can be the Mummy again this year

Apple Bobbing

  • There are reservations about hygiene, especially with kids wearing facepaint which ends up in the bobbing water
  • Rather than doing it in water we could hang the apples from string instead
  • Volunteer needed to run this stall

Pumpkin bowling

  • Rolling a pumpkin towards a pile of toilet rolls painted to look like ghosts
  • Need to find somebody to run this

Craft Table

  • ZOE is running this and has everything under control
  • She is buying new craft materials, approx £15
  • We agreed that it was fine to spend that on craft materials


  • Top hall – needs big things to decorate it
  • AXELLE & ROOMA offered to organise these
  • We might need more cardboard from the Scrap Project

Face Painting

  • GEORGIA has offered to run this again

Pumpkin Carving competition

  • Families bring in pumpkins and people vote for their favourites
  • Last year we had a prize donated by MARINA
  • Might be nicer to have the pumpkins in the hall this time so they are more visible
  • Or they could go outside with battery-powered tealights

Thriller Dance Off

  • TAZ offered to run this again with LUCY
  • Taz suggested expanding it into a flashmob, with many people launching into the Thriller dance routine at a predetermined time

Best Costume

We need prizes for this

Food & Drink

  • NAOMI & CATHERINE will organise this
  • ALEYA offered to help & make some pakoras
  • SARA has offered to make food
  • MARINA is available to help in the kitchen
  • Kitchen makes the most money so we should focus on it
  • Food donations & cakes needed
  • Red & green jellies
  • Volunteers needed to run the snow-cone stall
  • Volunteers needed to help with cleaning up

Tasting Game

  • SARA has offered to run a game where kids have to identify different foods by taste while blindfolded e.g. jam & mustard

Alternatives to laminator

In the past we have laminated our posters and attached them to the school gates with cable ties.

Previously we discussed buying our own laminator to make this easier, but as we’re trying to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible we have been brainstorming different solutions.

We decided to try weatherproof A3 poster holders. Dan made a mockup and showed it Rory who approved of the idea.

We voted to buy 2 reusable poster holders @ £34 each

School wishlist

We voted to contribute £426 to fund the school’s Anti-Bullying project

We ran out of time…

At the next meeting we’ll discuss:

  • Coffee machine purchase
  • Christmas Fair – December 7th
    • We need your ideas for decorations!
  • Gardening Project


  • Ask CAT if she can run the Zombie stall
  • SARA: Ask GEMMA if she can run Squidgy Brains again GEMMA is happy to run it again
  • Ask MARTIN if he can be The Mummy again, and if he wants to change the format Waiting for reply from MARTIN
  • Ask JOSH if he can do magic again
  • Find somebody to run the Hanging Apples activity
  • DAN: Ask BILLY if he can be the silent doorman for Spooky Dad again
  • Check if we have enough cardboard in the Community Room for decorations – if not get some from Scrap Store
  • Ask EMMA if she can decorate the school office area again EMMA has offered her services again!
  • Ask MARINA if she can donate a hamper as a prize again MARINA has offered to donate a hamper again
  • Check if we still have battery-powered tealights
  • Get hold of prizes for Best Costume
  • Check if PING can run snow-cone stall again
  • DAN: Put PATRICIA in touch with MARTIN

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