3rd November 2017


Ping Henningham (Chair) (Year 3) ; Teresa Hollanby (Years 4 and 6) ; Cathy Simpson (Year 6) ; Anna Skrein (Reception) ; Esther Taiwu (Years 1 and 2) ; Fummi Owoyeni (Years 1 and 6) ; Edil Adan (Reception and Year 3) ; Pam Crolten (?) (Year 6) ; Emma Boyd (Reception) ; Marian Mohamood (Year 1) ; Nasteho Hussen (Year 1) ; Sara Le Turcq (Year 2)

Special thanks to Sara for taking the minutes at the meeting!

Financial Admin

Bank Account

All about to be changed with the new signatories being: Catherine Nicols (pre-existing), Ping Henningham, Sarah Burns. All agreed that Georgia Murray should be removed from the bank account – Catherine to inform the bank

School Wishlist

First News subscription £431.33 Approved but concerns were raised about the cost of this subscription ; agreed that further renewal would be examined against potentially more urgent/relevant projects

  • Panto – £1900 Approved
  • Bigfoot Panto: £535 – NEW: travelling panto for nursery and reception Approved
  • New Wetplay Equipment – up to £400 Approved
  • New playground games – up to £300 Approved
  • Large Lego box for each year group to share (£40) plus a large grey baseplate to build cities on
    (£13) – £350 altogether Approved
  • Anti-Bullying project: £500 – a Theatre company trained in behavioural education to come and do
    a performance for the whole school as part of Anti-Bullying week, which is kicking off with Odd Socks
    day on 13th November Approved
  • Bulb/meadow planting on the area between playgrounds – up to £100 Approved

Other points raised about purchases:

  • Ask teachers to check whether there are toys for children with special needs – make provision to purchase them
  • Where do we get toys from? Special provider? Sponsorship possible? Amazon?
  • Amazon Affiliates set-up – not running yet. Amazon will give back a percentage of every member’s sale


Cake Sale – 17th November in KS1 Playground

  • New format to help with the crush
  • More tables
  • Spread out selection on all tables

Christmas Card Competition starts Monday. Deadline 5pm Monday Nov 20th

Children are asked to design a Christmas Card on A4 or A3 sized paper. They will be told about it in Assembly and can work on their designs at home. The competition is voluntary – designs to be returned to the office with full name and class name included.

One winning design per year group will be chosen to be printed and sets of cards will be sold at the Christmas Fair for £1.50

Old Pound Coins

Parents still holding old Pound coins to give them to SPA as Bank has agreed to still take them. Volunteers needed to go round with donation buckets (and sign up sheets for Xmas Fair?) ? Or collection point at the office ?

Christmas Fair – 8th December, 3:45pm to 6pm


Decorations for Christmas

Decorate on Monday 4th Dec, have it up until 15th (we can take it
down whilst they’re at panto to ensure safety of decorations!)

Too little time was left to discuss the event in depth – Another meeting required to nominate who will take charge of the Beauty Area, Outdoor Games, Indoor Games, Grotto, Kitchen, Decorations

Confirmed activities
Knock the head off the Christmassy Teacher

* Being Miss Reid Raffle
* Xmas Cards to sell
* 2 seller stalls: Christmas Crafts and Soaps
* Mug Painting
Santa’s Grotto (location to be confirmed)
Food: Based on the success of the food stall during the Halloween party, all food and drinks (including Mulled Wine) to be sold from the kitchen

Other suggestions:

  • Elf Swag Bags
  • Reindeer dust
  • Craft table to be confirmed (suggestions so far: head gear, snowflakes out of toilet rolls, edible craft such as marshmallow Santa hats)
  • Glitter tattoos, face-painting (may axe this), shall we reprise hair salon?

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