3rd May 2019


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Anna, Chiara Ibbs, Nasteho Hussen, Marian Mohamood, Muna, Elina Dzosare, Sara Le Turcq

General stuff

  • We talked about making stronger links with Parent Council to discuss purchases & enrichment activities that Shacklewell Families could fund e.g. Pottery workshop, Mindfulness workshop. There was good support for this and we agreed to bring it up at the next meeting
  • There was some interest in holding an evening meeting to enable more people to attend. Please let us know if evening meetings would make it easier for you to participate

Posters & Printing

  • We could do with finding somebody who can help design & print posters – if you know anybody please let us know


  • Somebody to ask local printers to donate printing
  • Leave fundraising letters at office and let parents know they are there if they need them
    Fundraising letters are now available from the school office

Bake Off – Friday 7th June

We discussed the upcoming Bake Off event and how it works. Cakes are entered under one of the categories e.g. Best themed cake, Best cake made by a child, Best of the Worst etc.

  • Judging starts about 2:30pm. Winners are announced at the end of school and the cakes are then sold
  • Chiara suggested shooting a short video of the judging and putting it up on the screen during the Cake Sale
  • Miss Marshall has suggested holding a sponsored Candy Dance at the same time to fundraise for the school music department – there was good support for this idea
  • Last year’s Bake Off theme was Science as the event coincided with Science Week. We need to find a similar event which we can use for this Bake Off


  • Find judges for the Bake Off judging panel
  • Naomi to follow up with Miss Marshall & Mr McGrath about the sponsored Candy Dance
  • Look for major events happening around the same time which we could use as a theme

Summer Fair – Saturday 6th July

We agreed to charge a flat entry fee for activity wristbands, and then charge cash for food

Activities we discussed included:

  • Shacklewell’s Got Talent worked well last year – kids audition in advance so we have a running order etc.
  • Marian offered to organise a food stall with the Somalian mums again – chicken, samosas, flatbread etc. They’ll need a table, gazebo etc.
  • Silent Auction – last year it went well but needs to be prepared earlier
  • Cocktail Bar – very popular last year so let’s do it again
  • Music on the stage – we agreed that there should be music on the stage between other events

We discussed possible themes including Carnival & Beach Party (deck chairs at the bar etc.). We agreed on a Carnival theme as we can re-use signs, bunting etc. from last year’s Circus theme. We can still have deck chairs too!


  • Find judges for Shacklewell’s Got Talent
  • Parents to source raffle prizes from local businesses – our business donation begging letter will be available from the office
  • Does anyone have deck chairs we can borrow?

Team Leaders

  • Food & Drink – Anna volunteered to be deputy team leader,
  • Decoration & Crafts
    • Elena volunteered & said Patricia might help
  • Games & Activities
  • Decorations
  • Workshops
  • Entertainment
  • Raffle
    • Clare has offered to manage the whole thing
  • Advertising
  • Sign-making
  • Estate Agents boards

Other activity ideas we discussed included:

  • Book sale stall
  • Bric-a-brac stall


  • Review last year’s signs & ask Axelle if she can adapt them for re-use
  • Reschedule upcoming meetings after half-term to bring Summer Fair planning meeting forward a week
  • We need to find a Project Manager and remaining Team Leaders – notify families via mailout, flyers etc.

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