28th September 2017 Fright Night planning


Ping (Chair), Dan (Secretary,) Edil, Marina, Sara, Naomi, Emma

Fright Night planning

Setting up

  • Use SPA Team WhatsApp group to communicate about prepping for the event
  • Ping to ask parents who do not wish to be involved in the event to be temporarily taken out of the group
  • Community room is available from 12pm
  • Hall is available from end of school


  • Pay What You Can entrance fee
  • No suggested donation amount, just a sign stating that all activities are free and reminding people where the money goes
  • Food & snow cones are paid for, all other activities are free


  • Glowing ghosts
  • Plastic milk bottles painted with ghosts & internally lit with battery tealights
  • Balloon & crepe paper spiders
  • Sticky black paper to be sourced at the Craft Project
  • Skeletons (Rooma?)
  • Pompoms (Rooma?)
  • Cut outs and applying time – TBD


  • Pizza, mac & cheese, hot dogs and oven fries
  • Spooky green drinks and cordial (Ping and Marina)
  • Cake donations from parents

Outdoor activities

  • Spooky Trail (Sara LT, Ally?)
  • Volunteers needed to prepare questions and props
  • 3 volunteers needed to supervise the area
  • Treasure hunt in upper playground only
  • Lower playground & wooded area will be closed off to make it manageable
  • Could be Shipwreck theme
  • 8 questions whose answers will be found throughout KS1 playground
  • Prize for completion TBD
  • Sara LT to coordinate volunteers
  • Pumpkin carving competition
  • Pumpkins to be brought on the day
  • Pumpkins will be displayed on the picnic table underneath the tree in KS1 playground
  • Ms Reid will inform participants where to take their pumpkins
  • The winning pumpkin will be decided by vote (Rooma to organise)
  • Rooma to manage the table?
  • Squidgy brains (Gemma)
  • Ask the Mummy 1 volunteer needed to be the Mummy!
  • Mummy-dressed adult walks around with two buckets – one with questions for kids to pick and answer, one with candies when the question is answered properly
  • Figure out a way for adult to know answers without giving clue away to kids
  • Ping to provide her list of questions
  • Sara LT to coordinate prep

Indoor activities

  • Face painting (Olivia) + 2 volunteers needed
  • Donation bucket so parents can contribute towards the paint
  • 3 fixed designs for them to choose from
  • Glitter tattoos 1 volunteer needed
  • Craft table 2 volunteers needed
    • Sara LT to coordinate
    • Bat in a night sky
      • White paint blown through straws onto bat template
    • Ghost tassles
    • Hanging Ghosts paper spirals
  • Dracula blood tasting game? 1 volunteer needed
  • Pumpkin bowling 1 volunteer needed
  • Knocking over toilet roll ghosts
  • Sara LT to coordinate prep
  • Apple bobbing 1 or 2 volunteers needed
  • Knocking the Zombie’s Head off
  • Stall made & run by Cat
  • Scary Dad in cupboard (Dan) + 1 volunteer needed to manage entrance
  • Music from 6:30 Music playlists needed (Marco, Ben?)
  • Thriller Dance Off starting at 6:40
  • Led by Lucy, judged by Niall?

Stuff to acquire:

  • Black balloons & crepe streamers for spider
  • Large plastic milk bottles for decorations
  • More fake tealights
  • Sara LT to liaise with kitchen to get apples for bobbing
  • Naomi to ask Sarah if Tesco vouchers are available for food

Stuff to organise / make

  • Info poster listing activities
  • Photos of facepaint designs
  • Sign up sheet outside office for additional volunteers
  • Signs for Pumpkin Competition, Apple Bobbing, Scary Dad etc.
  • Sara LT to send pics of corner spider and ghost milk bottles to Rooma
  • Marina to provide milk bottles
  • Scrap project run once all needs have been identified

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