27th April 2018


Naomi Richards (Acting Chair), Dan Farrow (SPA Secretary), Beatrice Holmes, Edil Adan, Marian Mohamood, Muna Aden, Rosie Hackett, Faiza Nur, Tasmin Waby

Thanks Tasmin for taking the photo!

Treasurer’s report

Naomi delivered the treasurer’s report. We currently have approximately £8,800 in the bank.

Pantomime ticket contribution

We voted unanimously to contribute £2,500 to this year’s Panto trip.

Families also have to contribute to the ticket cost. We agreed that families could be encouraged to “pay it forward” by buying an extra ticket to support others.

Outdoor games contribution

We discussed a proposed contribution of £2,000 towards two new table-tennis tables and a giant chess set for the playground.

We agreed that we wanted to contribute to playground games but not necessarily just table tennis as we wanted further information on how inclusive the usage of these tables is.

(We were later informed that there is a rota system, however the tables do tend to be monopolised by boys)

We decided that further discussion of other options with the school is necessary.

Naomi suggested looking into having a stage and sound system outside for children to choose music & perform on the stage during breaktime. The idea was well received so we agreed to investigate this further

We voted (not unanimously) to fund one table-tennis table & the giant chess


  • We discussed applying for charitable status. Further research is needed on what would be required


Naomi shared an idea for setting up a wishlist page on the website which parents can either contribute to or buy outright.

We voted on buying a coffee maker – Naomi will look into options.

Name change: Shacklewell Families

Our events bring together the whole school community, including wider families and the children themselves.

Having recently favoured Shacklewell Parents over the sometimes confusing acronym SPA, we felt that Shacklewell Families is more inclusive and more fully reflects our aims.

Our communications, social media accounts etc. are now being gradually switched over to the new name.

The only minor reservation was that Shacklewell Families cannot be verbally abbreviated as conveniently as Shacklewell Parents Association / SPA.

We voted (not unanimously) to accept the new name. As soon as this has been updated with the bank Shacklewell’s parents association will officially be titled Shacklewell Families.

Shacklewell Day – Friday 11th May

Naomi explained the thinking behind Shacklewell Day – food & entertainment from around the globe.

We already have a few musical acts but we need more entertainment. We also need volunteers to help decorate the hall.

Also several parents have already volunteered to cook food from various countries.

We had a lively discussion about macaroni cheese and whether it would be better to encourage children to try something new. Macaroni cheese is popular, and easier to make than pizza. The issue remains undecided…


We decided 50p per portion for most dishes. The food will be mostly finger food.

Ideas for the future

Beatrice suggested that in future this kind of event would be more inclusive if it happened in the evening. Also it would be good to have the event early in the Autumn term so that new families can meet and participate in the culture of Shacklewell.

Summer Fair – Saturday 30th June

Raffle prize donations required! Please ask friends, family, local businesses etc.
If you’re asking businesses we have a letter which might help persuade them – please get in touch if you’d like a copy

Tasmin Waby volunteered to project manage the fair – thanks Tasmin!

We agreed on a Carnival theme for this year’s fair.

We agreed to organise an additional planning meeting after Shacklewell Day.

Shacklewell Families social

Naomi suggested organising a half-termly evening meeting to allow people that can’t make the Friday morning meetings. We agreed this would be a good idea.


  • NAOMI / DAN Book extra summer fair meeting
  • NAOMI Investigate coffee machine options
  • MARIAN Somalian translation of Honesty Library sign
  • ROSIE Flags for Shacklewell Day
  • ALL Find raffle prize donations for the Summer Fair!

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