25th May 2018 Summer Fair planning

Meeting held at Catherine’s house


Naomi (Acting Chair), Dan (Secretary), Tasmin, Catherine, Edil

  • Coffee cart out front
    • We discussed whether to charge her a flat rate, or per cup sold
    • We decided to charge a flat rate of £50 which seems fair
    • As this is the first time we’ve done it we can gauge success
  • Second hand adult book stall out front
  • Bouncy Castle
    • About £150 total including generator
    • £150 is the limit
  • Entrance costs
  • Wristbands
    • Pros
      • They can be sold in advance
      • Less requirement for prizes on all stalls
    • Cons
      • Pricing of the wristbands is tricky
      • How to avoid kids having multiple goes on prized stalls
    • We decided £3 for wristbands
    • We could encourage buyers to pay more, or “pay it forward” by buying an extra band
    • Prized stalls can put a sticker on the child’s wristband when they have won a prize
  • We discussed cost for adult entry and decided £1
  • Post-event analysis
    • Ask stall-holders to rate the busy-ness of their stall


  • Ice-creams & crepes
    • Partially successful last year but not visible enough
    • If we made more of a push we could make good money from them
  • More child-friendly food
    • Hotdogs
    • Sandwiches
      • Cheese, ham – cucumber didn’t sell last year
    • Crisps
    • Drinks cartons
      • Less profit, but maybe we can get them cheaply
  • BBQ
    • Naomi is discussing with Oscar (kitchen manager)
  • East African food & Somalian tea

Silent auction

  • Needs clear instructions for how it works
  • Bids can be displayed
  • Donated prizes must have clear instructions for recipients
  • Potential prizes
    • Be Miss Reed
    • Babysitting service
    • Boating with Tasmin


  • Team leader needed
  • Could the kids make circus-related decorations

Selfie booth

  • Dressing up clothes
  • Stick on moustaches etc
  • Polaroid camera

Roaming circus folk

  • Lion tamer
  • Strong man
  • Fortune teller
    • Basket of random fortunes for her to hand out


  • Naomi is researching circus workshops
  • Edil might organise East African dance workshop
  • Naomi looking into Salsa group


  • Need to check school is happy for us to use the front carpark area
  • Ask parents for donations to book stall
  • Ask Rory McGrath about how early we can get in to set up
  • Source wristbands & stickers
  • NAOMI Speak to Rooma about running her stall non-profit
  • Investigate sourcing cheap soft drink cartons
  • DAN Add “All profits go to the school” to poster brief
  • DAN “Last year we made over £3,000 which paid for…” in bulletin
  • DAN Add “£5,000 contribution towards science lab” into bulletins
  • DAN Make thermometer display for school reception area with picture of Science Lab
  • DAN Ask Sofia to illustrate Science Lab
  • DAN Update GoFundMe page with ice-cream image & inform Sofia
  • NAOMI Formalise school contributions process
  • DAN Donate bottle of vodka
  • DAN Note silent auction donations for HELP WANTED mailout
  • DAN Note decorations team leader for HELP WANTED mailout
  • DAN Note gazebos for HELP WANTED mailout
  • DAN Old sheets wanted for HELP WANTED mailout
  • TASMIN Ask Emily about Polaroid camera cost / options
  • DAN Ask Pal about running an old-fashioned photo booth?
  • CATHERINE Ask her mum about being a fortune teller
  • Ask ANNA to ask in Del74 taco place for contribution

  • DAN Random fortune generator script
  • DAN Make sign boards for pinning stuff up around the event
  • DAN Ask Caroline about doing a jam-making afternoon
  • DAN Check Naomi, Catherine are on the estate agent board list
  • DAN Check with Edil re: Marian

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