24th May 2018 Summer Fair planning


Naomi Richards (Acting Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Sara Le Turcq

Wristbands vs tokens

  • Would we still give out prizes if we used wristbands?
  • Fair pricing model for wristbands
  • Wristbands could be fixed price but families encouraged to pay extra
    • Pay-it-forward?
  • Will wristbands make as much money?
  • How much money did stalls make last year?
  • How will they be made & secured? Stamp might better

Raffle tickets

  • Emphasis on pushing the raffle tickets
    • Tickets should be ready by Monday 11th
    • Sara Le Turcq offered to cut & staple
    • Start selling 2 weeks prior
    • Ask school to mention in assembly


  • Soak-A-Teacher
  • Crockery Smash
  • Hook-a-duck
  • Beat the Goalie
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Craft
    • Pompom stall (Sara)
    • Felting
    • Common painting (Sara to plan)
    • Pottery wheel


  • Ping is keen to run the snow cones stall
  • Ice could be crushed in advance and stored school freezers
  • Ice creams could be stored in school fridges – this needs planning ahead
  • We can use coolboxes & ice to keep stuff cool while outside by the stalls


  • Decide on wristbands vs tokens
    • How much money did stalls make last year?
  • DAN Send logo artwork to Clare for raffle tickets
  • Can Clare donate crockery again?
  • DAN Write directions for Crockery Smash & Soak-A-Teacher
  • Ask JACQUI if she would organise treasure hunt, or recycle her ideas from last time
  • DAN Ask teachers to go in Soak-A-Teacher
  • NAOMI To pin down Rebecca re: managing craft tables
  • SARA Discuss common painting idea with Rebecca
  • SARA To ask Marina & Ben about managing food (in co-ordination with Naomi)
  • NAOMI To research cooking options for crepes stall
  • NAOMI Ask Sheena about running her stall non-profit
  • CATHERINE Sara Le Turcq agrees to be bank account signee
  • Set up GoFundMe page for Bike Around The Borough – be specific about goals!
  • DAN Put next meeting at top of minutes mailout
  • DAN Ask parents for cool boxes we can borrow
  • NAOMI Liaise with Oscar about catering supplies, ice, equipment etc.
  • DAN put constitution on website and ask people to look at it
  • NAOMI to ask Mr Spencer & Mr Dowling about performing music
  • DAN Add raffle ticket timings to internal SF calendar
  • Floorplan maps for noticeboards on the day

GoFundMe blurb

Summer Fair treat – £500

“Our year 5 kids are participating in Hackney’s Bike Around the Borough event on [date]. This is a great opportunity to support them and help raise money to contribute to a Summer Trip for the whole school.”

Set goal to £500

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

13:30 – 15:00

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