24th May 2017 Summer Fair planning


Ping Henningham (Chair Elect), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Naomi Richards, Cathy Roberts, Rooma Parmer, Patricia O’Flannagan

Love Shack – Saturday 1st July

  • Naomi unfortunately cannot do 1st July because of work commitments
  • We’re losing Dave from Stomp because he’s booked that day
  • We decided we can’t change the date again so we’ll have to work around not having Dave to do music

Open Mic – Shacklewell’s Got Talent

  • Open to kids & parents
    • Patricia suggested asking Andy to play guitar
    • Sheena suggested asking Ebony’s sister to sing
    • Louise’s dad is a magician
    • Mr Spencer plays the guitar
  • 5 minute slots for kids, up to 10 minutes for adults
  • Finale with homemade instruments and singalong
    • School Choir are unavailable sadly

Obstacle course

  • Cat is away but we are hoping Jacqui can repeat the course from the Festival of Friendship which was very popular
  • To make it easier to run Ping suggested having bracelets which allow kids unlimited play
  • Bracelets would be 20p

Other stall idea we discussed

  • Musical instruments craft stand
    • Kids make instruments from everyday items e.g. shakers
    • Ask parents for donations
    • Performance with singalong at the finale
  • Karaoke
    • We would need to hire or buy a machine
  • Bouncy Castle – usually we get one from the church
  • Dressing up
    • ’60s Flower Power theme
    • Hippy clothes
  • Performance hair salon – hair accessories, crazy styles, hair mascara
  • Face Painting
  • Nail Bar
  • Glittery Tattoos
  • Spaghetti & Marshmallow construction
    • Materials are cheap!
    • Prizes for Tallest Construction, Most Inventive
    • Showcase of constructions near the stage
  • Salsa Workshop & demonstration
  • Swap Shop
    • School uniform, toys, books
  • Mug Craft stall
  • Lucky Dip stall
  • Soak-A-Teacher
    • Dan has a lovely board from previous years
  • Mystery Box game
    • Child puts hand in one of three holes
    • Finds prize or receives shock e.g. silly string, shaving foam, water, slime, beans


  • National Dishes from parents
    • This was a big success at the Festival of Friendship
  • Crepes
    • Naomi has a burner
    • Other ingredients are cheap
  • Ice creams
    • Buy a load from Iceland
    • Keep cold in iceboxes
    • Extra stock in school freezers
    • Dan has a Dutch bike with rack on the front and stand
  • Rum punch & Pimm’s
    • Sarah was organising an alcohol license


  • Entrance price 50p
  • Stall events 20p


  • Shacklewell’s Got Talent:
    • Ask talented parents if they would be up for performing
    • Email campaign to recruit talent and helpers
    • We need an MC to run the show
    • We need a stage manager to organise the acts
    • Make sign up sheets
  • Ask Jacqui about running the obstacle course
  • Cathy to think about what donations we need for instruments
    • Ask parents for donations
  • Research karaoke machine prices
  • Ask Sarah about the bouncy castle
  • Ask Sarah about alcohol license
  • Naomi to ask Salsa lady about doing a workshop
  • Ping to ask teachers to volunteer for Soak-A-Teacher
  • Big email campaign to advertise the event and get help / talent

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