24th February 2017


Sarah Burns (Former Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Jacqui Shimmin, Sara Le Turcq, Beatrice Holmes, Naomi Richards, Kim Garrity

Treasurer’s report

  • The cake sale raised £182 – thanks to everybody who contributed!
  • We have £9,413 available, of which £5,350 is committed as follows:
    • £4,000 woodland area
    • £800 table tennis table
    • £250 KS1 books
    • £250 KS2 books
    • £50 badminton

Festival of Friendship

Ideas discussed included:

  • Festival of Friendship money – free tokens to spend on activities
  • Obstacle course that requires co-operation
  • Friendship Assembly on the morning of the event
  • Song led by Mister Haswell
  • Establishing a Friendship Bench in the playground
  • Co-operative painting with a rolling tennis ball
  • Friendship Tree – kids cut out handprints and hang them on the tree
  • Thinking Bench – a quiet place for contemplation
  • Collaborative drawing for the walls
  • Slideshow of flags representing countries where Shacklewell families originate
  • Photobooth with instant prints – Sarah is going to try and get one
  • Making friendship bracelets
  • Card & badge making
  • Parents Panto!
  • Friendship Flash Mob dance routine


  • Food stands in the hall
  • Table near the kitchen for hot food
  • Offering donations to food makers to enourage participation
  • Establishing group food stands representing different countries


  • We decided that Friday 24th March isn’t an option as it clashes with Red Nose Day
  • To give ourselves adequate time to organise the event properly we decided to wait until next term
  • Friday 28th April was proposed


  • We agreed to budget £500 for the event

Actions * Sarah will send out a summary of ideas * Jacqui is planning the obstacle course * We need lots of contributors!

Other topics discussed:

  • KS2 notice board to keep KS2 parents aware of SPA events
  • SPA info stall with mailing list sign-up forms and details of upcoming events
  • Bank account access names


  • Cost for noticeboard
  • Sarah to URGENTLY update names for SPA bank account access

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