23rd May 2019 Summer Fair planning


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Anna Pilch, Sara Le Turcq

Summer Fair – Saturday July 6th, 12:30–6:00

Setting up

Setting up the fair has often been stressful and frantic. We decided to push the start time back to 12:30 to allow more setting up time, and extend the finish time to 4pm. Stallholders will most likely start packing up before this if their stall is no longer busy.

Naomi suggested doing as much advance preparation as we can to speed things up on the day. For example, each stall could have all its equipment in one box or bag so the stall-holder has everything they need.

Event administrator

We discussed having a dedicated event administrator to ensure that everything is ready on the day, that all stalls have signs, price labels etc.

Anna volunteered to take this role

Stalls & activities

  • Limbo – needs a gym mat to make it safer
  • Beat the Goalie – was it successful last time?
  • Monster Throw – does Kim still have the box?
  • Soak a Teacher – Dan has the board
  • Mystery Box – Dan has the box
  • Hook a Duck – could have an eco-message, or just keep it traditional
  • Crockery Smash – crockery usually comes from Clare
  • Tile Decoration – popular last year
  • Pottery wheel – ask Clare if she can do something
  • Plant potting – showing kids how to pot a plant, maybe sunflower seeds
  • Litter competition – challenge kids to collect the most litter, needs grabby sticks, recycling bags, scales for weighing
  • Henna hand decorations – Edil organised this last time
  • Face painting – Olivia & Georgia did this last time
  • Crazy hairstyles – Naomit to ask Dave if he can be available


  • Anna has a chalkboard A sign which we can use on the day
  • Dan made running order & map last time and volunteered to do these again
  • Dan made price signs and volunteered to do these again
  • We could do with 8 gazebos. We already own 3, plus hopefully we can borrow 2 from the church, so we need to source 3 more

Music, workshops & entertainment

  • Workshops should happen in the same place so that there are fewer clashes etc.
  • Breakdancing workshops – this was great last time but was under-attended because it wasn’t in the main part of the fair. We pay £120
  • Magician – this was also brilliant last time so it would be great to make more of Josh
  • Shacklewell’s Got Talent – need to keep the audition process stricter to bring the running time down
  • Naomi volunteered to run music, workshops & entertainment
  • There is a lot of technical stuff to manage on the stage so we could really do with a technician and/or stage manager throughout the event
  • Bouncy Castle – was a big hit last year. We’ll vote on it at next meeting


  • Barbeque – this made a lot of money last time so we should ask Giuseppe again
  • Crepes – popular last time
    • Nut-free chocolate spread, jam, sugar & lemon
    • If they can be made in advance and warmed up this makes it easier
    • They were too cheap last time so we should raise the price from 50p to £1
    • Anna is considering running it
  • East-African & Somalian food stall is confirmed!
  • Turkish & Kurdish food – would be great to make more of this
    • POST-MEETING UPDATE Emma Boyd has volunteered to run this
  • Kids Meal Deal – worked last time so we’ll do it again. Catherine organised it
  • Scandinavian food – hopefully scandi-families can run this again
  • Coffee
    • Last year we had an external provider who made good money
    • Would be great to bring this back in house but coffee has to be pro
    • We’ll come back to this!
    • Shacklewell Families are regulars at Mellow cafe so we could ask them for help
  • Home-made lemonade – Rachel has confirmed she will run this again
  • Pimms / Sangria – very popular!
  • Cream teas – would be nice to have again

Estate-agent boards

  • We don’t currently have an estate agent organised
  • Castle’s are already sponsoring another fair but they offered £10 per board
  • We’ll discuss this at the next meeting


  • Make a checklist of administrative tasks for Anna to run through e.g. price signs, stall signs, First Aider signs etc.
  • Liaise with Billy to see
  • Liaise with Kim re: Monster Throw game
  • Dan ask Clare about supplying crockery for Crockery Smash
  • Ask Clare if she knows somebody who can supply & run a pottery wheel
  • Ask families for donations of used plant pots for the plant potting
  • Naomi to ask Bees & Bugs about ideas for planting
  • Ask Hackney Council if they can lend us grabby sticks for litter picking
  • Dan to contact Edil to ask who did henna tattoos last time
  • Dan find out about eco-glitter
  • Ask Olivia & Georgia about doing face-painting again
  • Plan layout of stalls with new KS2 playground
  • Dan to make running order & map
  • Recruit stage-manager and/or technician for the stage
  • Sara to ask Giuseppe to run barbeque again
  • Find somebody to run the crepes stall
  • Find somebody to run a Turkish & Kurdish food stall
  • Naomi to ask Niall to borrow church gazebos
  • Ask families for gazebo donation – we could do with an extra 3
  • Anna to liaise with Catherine about the Kids Meal Deal
  • Find somebody to sell Indian food
  • Sara to ask at Mellow cafe if there’s a way they can help
  • Find volunteers to make & sell
  • Dan to ask Caroline about getting Pimms
  • Naomi to find out bouncy castle cost and we can approve at next meeting
  • Anna to find out about bouncy castle
  • Find somebody to make & run cream teas stall

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