23rd May 2018 Summer Fair planning


Naomi Richards (Acting chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Catherine Nichols (Treasurer), Tasmin Waby

This year’s Summer Fair will be on Saturday June 30th, 12:00-15:00

Last year we made about £3,300. Raffle, Estate Agent boards & food made most money.

We’ve decided on a circus theme, with decorations in primary colours etc.

We decided to stick to 12:00-15:00


This is one of the main money-making elements. We can make more money by selling more tickets in advance in the community

  • Anna is managing the raffle prize list
  • Sarah Burns is acquiring some of the top prizes e.g. iPad
  • Clair Spindler to design tickets, Sarah Burns to print

Prizes for little games

This sometimes gets left until the last minute. Better to get them in advance but somebody needs to organise.

S Factor: Open Mic

  • Will be advertised ahead of the fair
  • Recruitment posters to be designed & go up first week after half-term
  • Rory to announce in assembly
  • Soloists are welcome, groups must have a name & be no more than 6 people
  • Has to be booked in and approved by the school
  • 15 acts in total
  • For each act we need to know
    • The category e.g. dance, theatre, song
    • Names of participants

Bouncy castle

  • Provided it meets the safety standards we should be able to have one
  • Must be supervised at all times
  • Tasmin found an enclosed disco castle with built in speakers
  • Rory says that the bouncy castle could go on top pitch


The food was fantastic at Shacklewell Day – it would be great if we could harness that energy & goodwill again for Summer Fair

In the past BBQs have been popular. If we could find somebody willing to run it we could have this in the bottom playground

We talked about how we could manage food, maybe use the kitchens in a health-and-safety conscious way.

Might be worth talking to Oscar (kitchen manager) about what we could use – Oscar has connections ojohn@newwavefederation.co.uk

Paying stalls

In the past we have had food and craft stalls that pay a flat fee. These have caused confusion as… [CLARIFICATION NEEDED] We discussed ways to make this clearer and decided to try without. This would be more in line wtih our aims

Alcohol / Drinks

  • Pimms & rum punch were popular last year
  • Sangria
  • Caipirinha – can be made with vodka
  • It would be great to have an adult chill-out area
    • Drinks, seating
    • Rory suggested the circular playground bit near nursery

Seating & tables

  • We talked about how to make nicer spaces for people to sit e.g. hammocks, fake grass, tables & chairs, deck chairs, PE benches
  • We could ask for donations of old sheets and dye them
  • We can use tables from Community Room, dining tables

Treasure Hunt

Clues could be based on specific stalls

Ice Cream

Last year the ice-cream melted but we could still do this if we use kitchen fridges


  • Shacklewell’s Got Talent – Mr Pickett etc.
  • Dance Off
  • Stomp workshop?


  • Naomi to ask school if they would be happy for us to flyer neighbours etc.
    • Rory would be happier with having signs & flyering out in the community on the day e.g. ex-pupils
  • Speak to Edil re: organised East African community for food again
  • Naomi to send times to Cat for arranging TENS license
  • Constitution approval
    • DAN to upload final constitution to website
    • NAOMI to sort out small lottery licence (needs Constitution)
  • Ask KATE if she could research & source small prizes
  • Additional first-aiders needed to make it up to 4
    • Lucy Carter
    • Sara Le Turcq
    • Rory McGrath
    • Nicole Reed
    • One additional parent? DAN to ask Rob Waiting for response from Rob
  • Health & safety requirements for bouncy castle
    • RORY is going to check public liability insurance – it may need to be hired by the school
  • DAN to finish setting up GoFundMe page for summer treat
  • DAN to ask C to donate vodka / Pimms / rum
  • Somebody to project manage the food
  • TASMIN to ask coffee cart if they want to come in for the fair
  • NAOMI to contact Oscar (kitchen manager) about:
    • Equipment we can use
    • BBQ equipment
    • Ordering ice
  • DAN Ask for donations of sheets for dyeing in primary colours – decorations team
  • Organise helper team to relieve stall-holders
  • DAN Tell Carsten Glock the circus theme &
    • Date, time 12:00-15:00
    • Space for pricing TBC
    • Buzzwords
      • Family fun, games galore
      • Fabulous food & drink
      • S-Factor talent show
      • Raffle of Awesomeness
      • Silent auction TBC
      • Live music
    • “Your child is your responsibility so please keep an eye on them at all times. We are an allergy-friendly school: no nuts or seeds on the premises please”
    • “All profits go to the school”
    • Signs & flyers with map showing school entrance location
  • Contingency plan for wet weather
    • Hall could be used if needed
    • Downstairs hall could also be used
  • RORY to ask teachers to volunteer for Soak-A-Teacher stall
    • DAN remind Rory to ask teachers 2 weeks before (11th June)
  • NAOMI to ask Bev about getting Salsa teacher
  • DAN to research PayPal account setup
  • Acquire prizes for Tombola – what sort of prizes do we normally have?

Add to agenda for tomorrow

  • Small prizes – somebody to research & get these
  • Gas burner for food – buy or borrow?
  • Somebody to oversee games & craft stalls e.g. Rebecca


  • Previous one has been mislaid
  • Formal document
  • Catherine & Sarah Burns to sign it

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