23rd February 2018


Naomi Richards (Acting Chair), Dan Farrow (SPA Secretary), Catherine Nicols (Treasurer), Zee Gregory, Rooma Parmar, Nic Palmer, Jane Smith, Anna Skrein, Edil Adan, Lucy Carter Rosie Hackett, Emma Forster, Sara Le Turcq, Axelle Young

Thanks Axelle for the photo!

Intro from Rory McGrath

Rory McGrath (Assistant Headteacher) opened the meeting with a quick intro to SPA. The school recognises the amazing contribution that parents make through SPA and want to do everything they can to support us.

Other topics mentioned:

  • Drinking Water Fountain project update (see below)
  • We asked about using the digital sign in the office to maintain awareness. Dan is liasising with Rory about this

Message from Naomi Richards (Acting SPA Chair)

Naomi welcomed new parents and gave a introduction to what SPA is and what it does.

Introduction to Slack from Dan Farrow (Secretary)

Dan spoke about Slack which we have started using as a discussion platform. It’s more organised than group emails, and more flexible than WhatsApp. We can use it to plan projects without needing to be available at the same time or in the same place.

We agreed that the TeamSPA WhatsApp group can be replaced by Slack.

Update from Catherine Nicols (Treasurer)

SPA raises money specifically to buy fun experiences & equipment for Shacklewell children. Catherine gave us a summary of the income and outgoing amounts.

Amounts raised last year (approx):

  • Summer Fair £1,200
  • Cake Sale £109 (an additional £109 was donated to Macmillan)
  • Fright Night £800
  • Christmas Fair £1,000
  • Cake Sales £100-£200 each
  • Bingo £400
  • Jumble Sale £450

SPA purchases last year:

  • Panto tickets
  • Panto visit to Reception
  • Xmas trees
  • Anti-bullying initiative
  • Playgroud games
  • Indoor games
  • Table tennis tables
  • First News subscription
  • Bulbs for KS1 playground & woodland area
  • Parentkind membership

The Estate Agent boards are the thing that generates the most income for SPA. We weren’t able to get this opportunity before the Christmas Fair but we’ll try to get them again for the Summer Fair.

Anna Skrein, Emma Boyd & Emma Forster are actively seeking corporate fundraising & grant applications. This will take some pressure off parents supplying the money we raise.

We also discussed how to balance long-term & short-term fundraising projects

We agreed that it makes sense to divide fundraising efforts into short-term goals e.g. Panto, water fountains, and long-term e.g. Science Lab. The Corporate Fundraising team would concentrate more on long-term goals.

Free stuff for prizes has been acquired in the past by Sarah Burns. We agreed to ask Sarah for some tips on her amazing powers of blagging.

Fundraising communications

We talked about ways to better communicate our financial achievements to other parents. Ideas included:

  • A Total-O-Meter display in the school front office with goals marked
  • “SPA paid for this” plaques, signs & stickers to be used over water fountains, on Panto info etc.

Water Fountains

The Corporate Fundraising team have found a supplier of massively subsidised drinking water fountains for schools. They have offered us 2 replacement water fountains for £50.

Everyone agreed to spend £50 + installation costs (within reason) on 2 replacement water fountains.

We also discussed possibly contributing towards an additional 2 water fountains.

UPDATE: Bob has received an estimate for installation which would be no more than £200. He also sent a guide price for additional fountains which would be £430 each + installation

“Say Hello to SPA!” Coffee Morning

Friday March 2nd, 9:00 to 10:00, in the lower hall. Set-up from 8:30

This event is intended to inform Shacklewell families about SPA, to give them an opportunity to meet other families, to discuss ideas and to encourage participatation.

Everybody is welcome! We’ll have hot drinks and delicious cakes.

(Cake donations are also very welcome!)

If you’ve always wondered what SPA is about this is an ideal opportunity to find out more!

Bake Off & Easter Egg Hunt – Friday March 16th, 15:30 to 16:30

Posters will go up on Monday 26/02

The categories we agreed on are:

  • Best Cake made by a Child
  • Best Cake made by a Teacher
  • Best Science Themed Cake
  • Best Tasting Cake
  • Best Show Stopper Cake
  • Best of the Worst!

Panel of judges
We discussed ideas including:

  • Niall Weir – SB has emailed him
  • Ask Michaela or Elaine (Betty is unavailable)
  • Bob & Junior?
  • Rory McGrath
  • Michelle Thomas?
  • Kids from school council? e.g. Sophie, Isaac, Fay & Aine-Daisy
  • Celebrity judge?


  • Rosettes & Easter Eggs
    • Rosie offered to make rosettes for each category
  • Trophies / signs to go in front of prize-winning cakes
    • Nicola offered to look into trophies for Best Child’s Cake

Easter Egg Hunt

  • Kate offered to prepare & set up the hunt, athough she can’t run it
  • We usually charge for entries – we agreed on 50p

Uniform Sale

  • Lost property & donations
  • Jane offered to wash uniforms
  • 50p / item
  • Sheena & Sara offered to help set-up

SPA Info table

  • Sign up sheets for mailing list
  • 1 or 2 volunteers needed

Other upcoming events

Cake Sale – Fri 20th April

Shacklewell Day – Fri 11th May TBC

  • Games & stalls
  • Food from different cultures
  • Compere to announce events

Street Play – Fri 15th June TBC

Street Play is a community event where the road outside the school is closed to traffic for at the end of the school day and is transformed into an outdoor play space with games, snacks and drinks.

This date coincides with the World Cup so it’ll be World Cup themed.

Parents should be reminded that they need to be present at all times with their children!

SPA Logo competition

Dan introduced a planned competition to have the children design a new logo for SPA. The competition will be open to all with the winner having the prestige of seeing their design used to represent SPA throughout the school.

The winning entry & new logo could be unveiled during Shacklewell Day on May 11th

Summer Fair – Sat 7th July

KS2 Gardening project

Lucy introduced a project to work on the garden next to the steps down to KS2 playground. This area has been lovingly tended in the past so it would be great to renew it again, but also to make sure it stays well maintained in future.

Dan has set up channel #gardening-project on Slack – contact spa@newwavefederation.co.uk for details on how to participate!

Action list

  • DAN Create one page outline about Slack – what it is & how to use it
  • DAN Organise logo competition
  • NAOMI Find a volunteer to make a Total-O-Meter display & create drawings for goals
  • “SPA paid for this” signs over water fountains, on Panto info etc.
  • Bake Off & Easter Egg Hunt
    • NAOMI Bake Off judges:
      • Ask Michaela or Elaine from school office
      • Ask Michelle Thomas
      • Ask Bob & Junior
      • Ask school re: having kids from school council on judging panel e.g. Sophie, Isaac, Fay & Aine-Daisy
    • ROSIE to make rosettes for each category
    • NICOLA to look into trophies for Best Child’s Cake
    • We need 2 volunteers to run the Easter Egg Hunt
    • We need somebody to go to Scrap Project for materials
    • Uniform Sale
      • Send text message Monday before – donations to be left in the Community Room
      • Make Notice for Community Room bin
  • Design “SPA Paid For This” plaques / stickers
  • Design Total-O-Meter for front office SPA display
  • DAN Follow up action list

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