21st June 2019 Summer Fair planning


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Anna Pilch, Emily Aubin, Emma Rees, Lotta Bohman, Elina Dzorare, Sinem Tuncer, Chaira Ibbs

Summer Fair

Two weeks to go!

Setting up

We discussed set-up times on the day:

  • Lead organisers will arrive around 9am
  • General volunteers should come around 10am
  • Stall-holders preparing their own stalls should come around 10:30
  • Stall-holders whose stalls have been set-up for them should arrive at 11:45
  • Public start arriving at 12:30
  • Volunteers will receive a plan of the fair layout before the day so they know what’s going where
  • First arrivers on the day will put out tables and put signs on them so it’s clear where everything is
  • We need stall-holders to be self-sufficient as far as possible
  • We’ll also be setting up signs and whatever else we can on Friday 5th July

Plant sale

  • We discussed price range for plant stall so Cinem can decide what to buy. We thought a range of around 50p to £5


  • Naomi has been asking teachers
  • She suggested asking the sports coaches
    • Coach Gatti came into the room so we asked him and he said yes!

Scandinavian food stall

  • Lotta gave us some updates on the Scandinavian food stall plans including coffee
  • Other treats:
    • Cinnamon buns
    • Chocolate & coconut balls (in a cooler box)
  • We agreed to spend approximately £30 on a coffee machine
  • They will need sugar & milk
  • Lotta to arrive at 10:30 to set up stall


  • Water fountains
  • Water in jugs at food stalls
  • Anna volunteered to monitor water jugs – Hydration Office
  • More juice would be welcome

Plant sale

  • Cinem is helping with plants for plant sale & bringing stuff

Other stalls

  • Billy has volunteered to run Beat the Goalie
  • Elina to set up Grow a Grass Head stall
  • Our hair-braiding volunteer has dropped out – Chaira offered to run it, with help
  • Art Attack – …
  • Hair Weaving – Georgia makes them and was planning to sell them & weave them in
    • This needs further discussion as commercial stalls are in a different area
  • Ice cream
  • Breakdancing Workshop – two 20 minute slots, next to stage


The spreadsheet is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-Qbdris4b6FNK_qGItHsMOFhs8vPr8WN1z_iSX5I3BA/edit?usp=sharing

Volunteers are still needed for:

  • Art Attack stall – helping kids decorate canvas squares
  • Bouncy Castle attendants
  • Crepes – additional volunteer needed to take over from Sara
  • Door staff – additional volunteer to help Rory – Elina volunteered her husband Gee
  • DJ to warm up the stage
  • Food – West African, Italian, Spanish, French, Indian or Pakistani
  • Hair braiding – additional volunteer to help Chaira
  • Limbo stall – basically hold the limbo stick, enourage the kids, have fun!
  • Monster Throw (if Dan can make the apparatus)
  • Stage Manager
  • Technician
  • Tombola – setting up & running


  • Anna to look into getting discounted eco-glitter, approx £20 budget
  • Ask Zoe if she can run Grow a Grass Head stall
  • Dan to ask Sheena for cricket balls for crockery smash
  • Dan to make First Aiders badges
  • Dan to make Monster Throw board and ask PE coaches about beanbags
  • Lotta to ask her co-stall-holders about their signage requirements
  • Naomi to ask Coach Alex about volunteering to be Soak-a-Teacher victims volunteers
  • Naomi to follow up hair-weaving stall with Georgia
  • Naomi to order coffee machine
  • Sugar & milk for coffee stall [I’ve added this to the spreadsheet – Dan]

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