18th January 2019

Thanks Sara for taking the minutes!


Naomi, Zee, Elina, Rooma, Anna, Sara

Feedback on the Christmas fair

Access to the fair needs to improve, the queue was too long. Taking payment and handing out wrist bands for the Grotto at the same time meant longer waiting time. Also there was only one volunteer at the door.


  • Create two separate queues (one for entry, one for the Grotto) ; this was done in the past and was confusing to some parents
  • Having a later event so families trickle in rather than all at once after pick-up ; it doesn’t work as well as some families do not come back
  • Advance purchase: sell access to the Grotto in advance of the event, along with Raffle tickets.


Treasurer report unavailable.

School sent a wish list of items to be purchased by Shacklewell Families. The following has been voted YES by the majority of parents attending the meeting:

  • £400 of outdoor equipment to compensate the current lack of space in the playgrounds ;
  • £1,000 of topic books chosen around IPC topics. These will be organized in a special library and available to complement the Curriculum.
  • Summer trips: YES in principle although details of the trip and costs to be confirmed after the school has made a decision.

Some suggestions were made by parents with the view to reduce the cost of Summer trips. To be discussed at the Parents’ Council instead.

The School has asked whether Shacklewell Families could contribute an annual fixed amount. The process is currently too slow: too few meetings where purchase suggestions can be discussed ; transfer of the funds can only take place after a positive vote and is pending the Treasurer’s availability.

As a result the School might have to wait for months before proceeding with a purchase. Having an approved amount already available in the School’s account would allow it to spend it as and when needed.

Attendees recognized the issue and the necessity to improve the system while retaining control on how the money gets spent. Questions were raised about the timing of approval, which criteria should be met by the purchases and how would Shacklewell Families be informed.

Upcoming Events

Valentine’s Cake Sale – Friday February 8th

The Cake sale will take place indoors and be complemented by a Uniform sale.

Bingo Night – Friday March 1st TBC

  • Provide Food and Drinks
  • It is a Family Event but Bingo might not appeal to all ages
  • Have crafts available for kids not interested in Bingo
  • Naomi to find out how the previous Bingo nights were organized

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