15th September 2017


Ping Henningham (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Catherine Nicols (Treasurer), Deborah Eldertan (Y4+Y6), Rooma Parmar (Y6), Edil Adan (Y3+Rec), Sam Allen (Rec), Seb Roach (Rec), Zee Gregory (Rec), Shajmin (Nursery), Emma Boyd (Rec), Cynthia Aye (Y4), Rachel Evans (Y2+Rec), Taz Johnston (Rec), Anna Skrein (Rec), Liam Dystant (Rec), Sara Le Turcq (Y1)

Treasurer’s report

  • We currently have £11,611.74 in the bank
  • We received a generous donation of loose change from parents Jonathan & Mari which totalled £132
  • Last term SPA paid for:
  • £50 Badminton sets
  • £450 PatBall court in KS2 playground
  • £700 Table Tennis table
  • £100 Paddling pools for end of term summer party
  • £700 End of term treats for summer trip
  • £500 Extra books for special push on reading last year
  • £460 First News children’s newspaper subscription
  • £250 Spare uniform fund
  • £1,000 iPads
  • £1,500 Panto 2016
  • Things to pay for this term
  • £1,500 for Panto 2017 at Hackney Empire
  • £4,000 pledged for Science Lab

We voted to contribute £1,500 towards this year’s panto trip

Bank account signees update

  • Catherine needs to update the names who have access to the bank account
  • The new signees would be Catherine, Ping & Sarah Burns

There were no objections

Adventure playground plan

Ping told us about the school’s plan to build a new adventure playground as part of the development for extending the Y6 classrooms into the woodland area.

We discussed contributing towards the plan. This would be a longer term project which we would pay for in installments over the next three years.

Generally we give the school money with no strings attached, but parents are welcome to discuss the school’s plans via Parent Council.

We generally felt positive about the putting aside £2,000 of our takings each year for the next 2 to 3 years. We’ll discuss the plan more in future

Glitter tattoo dispensation

We often run a glitter tattoo stall at SPA events. Glitter tattoos are generally not allowed in school, so some children have been told off about them in the past.

We have now received special dispensation for glitter tattoos to be worn for the week following SPA events!

Upcoming events

Summer Trip 2017

  • The school need our help to plan and fund this years Summer Trip
  • There may be scope for a beach trip provided the cost isn’t too high
  • The destination needs to be:
  • Accessible by train
  • Not too busy / crowded
  • Not too far
  • Some suggestions were:
  • Frinton-on-Sea / Southend-on-Sea / Walton-on-the-Naze are accessible by train from Stratford
  • Kew Gardens is accessible by Overground from Dalston Kingsland
  • Any more suggestions for suitable destinations would be very welcome!

The school has asked us to rack our brains for new ideas for trips that can enrich the curriculum, which are easily accessible and preferably free. This is because school cuts mean that many of the extra-curricular trips & experiences may not be possible.

Uniform sale this afternoon

  • Clean, used uniform donations are still welcome
  • Helpers needed to sell from 3pm

Cake Sale – Friday 29th September 3:30pm

  • This term Bev asked us to run a cake sale to raise money for Macmillan cancer nurses
  • We decided to combine the SPA cake sale with the Macmillan sale because two consecutive cake sales would be too much
  • We need more sellers to make it a better experience for the younger children and parents with prams
  • Ping has organised market-trader style aprons for the cake sellers

Please let us know if you can come from 3 to 4pm to help set up and sell cakes

Fright Night – Friday 13th October 5-7pm

  • Last year’s stalls & activities included:
  • Spooky Forest
  • Squishy brains lucky dip
  • Dracula blood guessing game
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Cat’s Knock the Head Off game
  • Apple bobbing
  • Pumpkin carving competition
  • Scary Dad in cupboard
  • We agreed on charging an entrance fee and having free stalls
  • Current volunteers for Fright Night:
  • Sheena Decorations
  • Naomi, Zee Food
  • Emma Decorations and/or games
  • Edil General help
  • Dan Scary Dad in cupboard
  • Sara has agreed to oversee the event

Streetplay – Summer term

Streetplay is a fun, free event where the road outside the school is closed to traffic and the children can play with balls, hula hoops, parachutes etc.

  • We’d like to do another Street Play event in the summer term
  • Emma and Sara are going to apply to the council to close the street

Other future events & fundraising ideas

Ideas we discussed included:

  • Science related events to support the new Science Lab
  • Spring Easter Bunny Rocket Fest
    • Plastic bottles are decorated to look like bunnies and turned into rockets with vinegar & baking powder
  • Space Themed Easter Egg hunt
  • Summer Bake Off
  • World Book Day calendar
  • Cultural Food Event
  • Including wine & food matching stall from Seb
  • Shacklewell Recipe Book
  • Massage for parents
  • Sam is a massage therapist and offered to donate vouchers for free massage therapy
  • She also offered to run a parents massage stall at SPA events
  • Sam offered to trawl the businesses of Church Street for vouchers to raffle at the Christmas Fair
  • Christmas Cards designed by the children
  • Penny Jar in reception with slogan Every Penny Goes Towards The Kids
  • Campaigns on Go Fund Me to purchase specific items
  • Setting up a Just Giving account for parents who want to make general donations to SPA
  • Donation penny jar at reception

Raising awareness

Some parents think our events are organised by the school rather than parent volunteers, or think that parent volunteers are members of school staff.

We discussed the following ideas for raising awareness of SPA: * New posters on the noticeboard – hopefully up today! * Info leaflet in school bags * “SPA Volunteer” t-shirts for parents to wear while volunteering at our events

Giving Machine

Ping introduced the Giving Machine which is an easy way to raise money while shopping online.

Taz talked about setting up an Amazon affiliate link which we could include in the email footer and also as a QR code on the noticeboard.


  • Think of ideas for suitable enrichment trips
  • Volunteers needed for Cake Sale – Friday 29th September 3-4pm
  • Volunteers needed for Fright Night, to run stalls and generally help out
  • Ping to suggest Summer Trip beach suggestions to Bev
  • Somebody to set up Just Giving account
  • Dan to add Just Giving link to email footer & SPA communications
  • Dan to bring in plastic bottle penny jar with sign
  • Find sponsorship for SPA volunteer t-shirts
  • Find sponsorship for SPA christmas cards – £150 approx
  • Taz to set up Amazon affiliate link
  • Dan to add Amazon affiliate link to email footer & SPA communications

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