15th June 2018 EGM


Naomi Richards (Acting Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Mirela Reljan-Delaney, Sara Le Turcq, Tasmin Waby, Cynthia Aye, Edil Adan Ahmed, Patrycja Wieczotek

Charity status & Constitution signing

Naomi explained that we are required to become a registered charity because we raise over £5,000 a year, and in order to do so we are required to be more rigorous in our processes, record-keeping & diligence.


We are required to hold at least one Annual General Meeting. We agreed that late September is a good time to hold this in order to engage new parents.


In order to become a registered charity we must also have a signed Constitution.

Our Constitution can be viewed at https://shacklewellfamilies.com/constitution/

It’s based on a model provided by parentkind.org.uk, a support organisation for parents associations which we are members of.

We voted unanimously to accept the new Constitution with the required quorum of 8 attendee votes, plus 14 votes by proxy.

Naomi signing the Constitution, witnessed by Dan

Financial report

Naomi presented a summary of our financial status.

Our current bank balance is approximately £10,450 which includes: £8,800 previous balance +£650 made at Shacklewell Day * +£1,000 GoFundMe

Congratulations & thanks to everyone involved in the GoFundMe campaign!

We agreed that Sara Le Turcq should be registered to have access to the bank account.

New Chair

We decided to aim to vote in a new Chair on Friday 6th July.

We need to announce the role as soon as possible & start finding candidates.

Voting online

We discussed how to make is clearer that people can vote online if they cannot make it to our meetings. Since voting on Slack, although restricted to one vote per registered user, is anonymous, we cannot combine voting on Slack with voting via email. Therefore, to avoid duplicate votes, voting by email will be the only acceptable method for those who cannot attend meetings.

The general consensus was that for big decisions we should communicate by email that a vote will be happening at a meeting on a particular date. We should also make it very clear that it’s also possible to vote via email.

This is a bit more work as the email votes will need to be tracked in a spreadsheet, but it will allow voting participation for people who cannot come to meetings.

Summer Fair

Tasmin gave us an update on the roles & tasks that still need volunteers.

There are plenty of opportunities to help at the Summer Fair! Please see the list here: https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=4ecf8aa11bdf2db23e3d06d60&id=80c6fbc02e#summer-fair-help-wanted

Contact us if you can help in any way!

Charity donation

We agreed to make a donation on behalf of Shacklewell Families towards a charity aiding victims of the Grenfell Tower tragedy

We thought the end of school year would be a good time to do this.


  • Communicate new Chair election
  • Future dates for the year in first bulletin from school
  • DAN Write process for announcing votes & voting via email
  • Sending agenda points in advance
  • Find somebody to make a fundraising barometer!
  • Prize for Shacklewell’s Got Talent

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