14th September 2018


Naomi Richards (Chair), Catherine Nicols (Treasurer), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Ince Ozbas, Sakine Yelocagi, Seb Roach, Joyce Owusuah, Sharon Sevier, Esther Taiwo, Deborah Elderton, Mila Pekcan, Marian Mohamood, Muna Adan, Sara Le Turcq, Shaele Adelaja, Patricia O’Flannagan, Emma Rees, Mirela Reljan-Delaney, Calvon Henry

Intro from Naomi

Naomi spoke about:

  • What we do (make money for extra stuff!)
  • How we run our meetings and make decisions
  • We are entirely run by parent/guardian volunteers!

It was great to see some new faces at the meeting!

Treasurer’s report

Report from Catherine:

  • We currently have £14,651.30 in the bank
  • What we’ve already committed to contributing so far:
    • Panto £2,400
    • Science lab £4,000
  • Wishlist so far:
    • Scrap Project membership renewal – used by us & by teachers
  • Last school year we raised £8,801! Including new contributions from GoFundMe Hackney Half Marathon & Romain’s mini-triathlon (thanks again Romain!)
  • Total spend last year £6,323 including:
    • £250 Uniform contribution
    • £398.40 Scrap Project membership
    • £431.33 First News subscription
    • £500 Anti-bullying project
    • Badminton
    • Christmas trees
    • Meadow bulbs
    • Outdoor games
    • Panto ticket contribution
    • Table tennis tables
    • Water Fountains
    • Wet-play equipment for rainy days e.g. Lego boxes
  • Catherine is changing the bank account names to Shacklewell Families
  • Catherine has added Sara Le Turcq to the list of people who can sign cheques & manage our bank account
  • We voted to contribute £398.40 to renew the Scrap Project subscription

Shacklewell Day – Friday 28th Sept, 3:45-5:30pm

Shacklewell Day is a celebration of the different cultures of Shacklewell – you, your family, your family traditions.

One of the best ways to celebrate culture is through food! Last time we had great food contributions including:

  • American
  • Brazilian
  • Carribean
  • English
  • Indian
  • Kurdish
  • Scandinavian cinnamon buns & coffee – they have agreed to do it again!
  • Somalian – they have agreed to do it again!
  • Turkish

Prices – We discussed prices – we will aim to keep them as low as possible, while still covering our costs and fulfilling our fundraising purpose

Signs – Anyone who’s up for making signs please let us know

Music – If you know anyone that plays music that represents their culture please get in touch


  • Some will go up the day before
  • There was a mix-up with flags last time – we’ll take more care to get it right
  • We need volunteers to help set up on the day. Normally this is from 1pm onwards

Teachers – Please speak to your teachers about it and see if they can come along or even if they want to help

Fright Night – Friday 2nd November

Fright Night is the first Friday after half-term so we need to be prepared before the half-term holiday


  • Last time we made over £800 profit
  • It is always difficult to strike a balance between keeping it afforadable for larger families, whilst achieving our purpose of raising money for the school
  • We discussed asking a minimum donation of £1 for adults, kids 50p
  • We voted and agreed this was a good approach
  • We agreed to also have donation buckets out

Food – Pizza, macaroni cheese…

Decoration – Decorations ideas are needed now so we have time to gather materials & make stuff

Christmas Fair – Friday 7th December

The fair doesn’t make as much money as other events but it’s a wonderful event for all families.

Last year it was free entry with paid activities – we made £432 profit.


  • Raffle is a major part of the fair
  • We need somebody to administrate the raffle
  • We need raffle prizes donated by local businesses etc.

Estate Agents boards

  • We didn’t have them last year but hopefully will do this year
  • They make us a lot of money with minimum effort!

Other event ideas

Community event e.g story telling

Cake Sales

  • Usually make £200 to £300 pounds
  • Easy for us to run & make good money
  • We always need volunteers


  • It’s been popular in the past and there is enthusiasm to run it again
  • We will need prizes & volunteers to run it

Sponsored event

  • GoFundMe campaign for Hackney Half-Marathon was great last time, making over £1,000
  • Training events to include parents & teachers would be a great way to build connections

Bake Off – Friday June 7th

  • This is a really fun event which combines a Cake Sale with a baking competition
  • Cakes are judged by a panel of judges, with winners in a number of different categories
  • The cakes are then sold in a Cake Sale
  • Start thinking now about special judges for it e.g. celebrity bakers, Mayor of Hackney (or even of London!)

Summer Fair

  • Biggest fundraising event of the year
  • Last year made over £5,000

Garden space outside Y4 classrooms

  • Naomi will speak to Rory about developing this area
  • We may pay somebody to clear the weeds etc that are there at the moment
  • We discussed having garden blitz day where parents come in to plant


An attendee asked about how to make a cash donation. We would be delighted to accept any donations directly into our Co-operative Bank account:

  • Account number 65504208
  • Sort Code 08-92-99


  • Bake Off – Start thinking now about special judges
  • Garden space – Naomi to speak to Rory about developing the garden
  • Please speak to other families in your year groups about Shacklewell Families and encourage them to get involved!
  • Please speak to your teachers about Shacklewell Day see if they can come or if even help
  • Please volunteer to help out / make food / perform at Shacklewell Day on Friday 28th!

Spread the word

Please let other parents in your year group know about what we do and how much help we need. The more volunteers we get the better it is for everybody

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