14th June 2019 Summer Fair planning


Naomi Richards (Chair), Patricia O’Flannagan, Elina Dzosare, Emily Aubin, Anna Pilch

Voting on purchases

We voted on two purchases both of which were approved:

  • £310.06 for Letterbox Library books requested by Sarah Paxton, for use by the whole school
  • £350 for Ben Kinsella workshops requested by Beverley Dickinson. Workshops to inform year 6 children about street safety and crime awareness


We discussed organising an evening fundraiser event for which there was general approval. Naomi will look into venue options.

Annual General Meeting

We agreed to move the AGM to Thursday 11th July to avoid clashing with the Parent Council meeting.

First Aiders

We need to follow up First Aid training course participants to see if they have completed their training.

Anna could do the training if anybody has dropped out.

Gemma is a 1st aider so we can list her as backup.

Dr Lucy may also be available.

Community Room cupboards

The Shacklewell Families cupboards in the Community Room need reorganising.

Patricia and Elina have booked the Community Room on Wednesday 19th afternoon to do this

Summer Fair planning

  • The Canvas Picture stall needs lollipop sticks & PVA glue – Elina & Patricia to follow up
  • We agreed to go with Elina’s suggestion for a Grass Heads stall – Elina to follow up
  • We agreed to allow paying stalls
    • Stallholders would pay £15 for a pitch
  • We discussed ticketing for face painting & agreed yes
  • Tickets for Bouncy Castle – Anna to ask Tasmin if needed
  • We discussed selling wristbands in advance
    • We agreed yes, we could start selling them a week prior to Fair
  • Tile decorating
    • No tiles available at scrap store
    • Agreed to cross off unless we can find more next week
  • Save the Ducks game – mini paddling pool, hooks or fishing nets, grabby sticks, old plastic bottles
  • Crazy hair
    • Elina has hair colour for a stall
    • Dave probably can’t do Maurice on stage as we want him to do live music
  • Glitter tattoos
    • We agreed yes with eco-glitter
    • Sign should mention that the glitter is eco-friendly
  • Ice-creams
    • We voted yes to sell ice-creams
    • Patricia, Anna and Naomi to organise
  • Coffee
    • Lotte & scandinavian families a possibility
  • Stage
    • DJ needed from 12:30 to 1:00
    • Naomi to ask Mr Pickett – check with Rory first
    • Live music from Dave and friends
  • Shacklewell’s got Talent
    • Audtions afternoon of Thursday the 27th June
    • Auditions to be announced in bulletin, our mail out and flyers
    • Dan to make flyer for next week – Catherine or Sarah to print
  • Signs
    • Elina to meet Naomi to create list of signs needed
    • We agreed to re-use some existing signs in the Community room

Still needed for Summer Fair

  • Warm-up DJ for Stage from 12:30 – 1pm
  • Extra volunteers for face-painting – Asia (Y4), Emily, Giorgia, Olivia…
  • Signs for stallholders paying £15 – Dan can make these
  • Judges for Shacklewell’s got Talent
  • Volunteers for the entrance – Anna to follow up
  • More volunteers for games & activities
  • Someone to plan and organise the tombola
  • Caribbean food stall
  • Indian food stall
  • Bouncy castle attendants x 4 (swap in and out)
  • First aiders


  • Naomi to follow up with Niall re: venue for evening fundraiser
  • Naomi to follow up moving AGM to Thursday 11th July
  • Follow up First Aid training course participants
  • Check if Dr Lucy Carter is able to be a First Aider at the Summer Fair
  • Book community room for the Wednesday 26th for further tidying
  • Elina & Patricia to follow up on acquiring materials for Canvas Picture stall
  • Elina to follow up organising a Grass Heads stall
  • Naomi to follow up stallholders paying £15
  • Dan to make signs for stallholders paying £15
  • Anna to liaise with Giorgia re: face-painting stall
  • Anna to ask Tasmin if Bouncy Castle ticketing is needed
  • Naomi to contact Hackney Council about grab sticks & recycling boxes
  • Naomi to liaise with Tasmin & Ping re: Sports Day
  • Naomi to follow up with Lotte re: coffee
  • Anna to send email to coffee cart company

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