14th December 2018


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Patricia Wieczorek, Zee Gregory, Elina Dzosare, Taz Waby

Christmas Fair follow up

The fabulous Christmas Fair made an amazing £2,220. The school is going to give us their wishlist in January.

We discussed some areas for improvement:

  • Selling wristbands in advance to avoid the bottleneck at the entrance. Parents would buy wristbands at the school office in the morning
  • Better communication about grotto timing system There were signs & a handout but still needs to be better communicated to parents
  • Better entrance / timing Starting at 4pm would make it easier for everybody
  • Complaining parents
    • Some parents/visitors complain without seeming to realise that everybody involved is a volunteer
    • T-shirts / badges might make this clearer
    • We would like to encourage parents/visitors to be more supportive and, rather than complaining, help us to solve whatever the problem is
    • Dan suggested a Code of Conduct that we can use to defuse the situation
    • Parents/visitors should behave with civility at our events and set a good example to the children
  • Makers Fair
    • This was great but it tied up people who might otherwise have been able to volunteer
    • Maybe makers could be selling their wares after school in the days leading up the fair instead, along with raffle tickets and Christmas cards


We should also do some research and generate some ideas for things that would benefit the children.

Some ideas we discussed:

  • Music during playtime
    • For kids to dance to
  • Terrace garden area (by KS2 entrance stairs)
    • This area has potential e.g. as an outdoor learning space, but needs cleaning up
    • Lighting around KS2 playground entrance – something Parent Council should discuss with the school but possibly we could contribute towards
    • Bev told us that the school has been discussing getting the area cleared by volunteers, with a possible goal of setting up a school kitchen garden
  • School Summer trip
    • This is a reward trip that has not really happened in the last couple of years, mainly due to the high cost of transportation
    • We should think of more viable options. This is also a subject for consultation at Parent Council
    • Elina suggested Cheshunt Park
    • Bev told us about Summer Fun Sessions at London Field Lido for £49 per class which need to be booked now. This seems like a great idea which we could support

Next year’s dates

All dates TBC

  • Friday January 25th Storytelling / Movie Night?
    • This coincides with Burns Night which could be a theme
    • Making it more of a cinema experience might make it a calmer experience than previous occasions
    • Early show & late show for KS1 & KS2
    • Taz suggested using the St Barnabas Church hall – this would add Health & Safety complications but it is a possibility
  • Friday February 8th Valentine’s Cake Sale
    • Could be combined with a Uniform Sale
  • Friday March 1st Bingo night
    • We haven’t done Bingo for a while so this might be fun to do
    • Zee offered to coordinate this
  • Friday March 29th Spring / Easter Fair
  • Friday June 7th Bake Off
  • Saturday July 6th Summer Fair

Shacklewell Families positions available

We will be advertising for a co-chair & co-secretary in January. We’ll also need Project Managers for Spring Fair & Summer Fair


  • Zee & Taz to start planning Burns Night story-telling event
  • Discuss Lido Fun Sessions with Mr McGrath
  • Write Code of Conduct for families behaviour at school events
  • Start organising Story Telling event

Next meeting: Friday 18th January 2019

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