13th January 2017


Sarah Burns (Former Chair), Dan Farrow (Secretary), Cat Wood, Jacqui Cilibanov, Sara Le Turcq, Teresa Hollamby, Gemma Hansen, Naomi Richards

Treasurer’s report

Christmas Fair

The Christmas Fair was a big success with record breaking fundraising! We made £2,136 – thank you to everybody who contributed! This total includes £1,320 from the estate agent boards for which we owe particular thanks to Sylvia Armstrong who once again signed up half her street!

Spending SPA funds

SPA currently have around £10,000 in the bank

We discussed how we should spend this. The school has asked for £4,000 to transform the picnic area in the KS2 wild space.

We have also had the following wishlist requests from the children themselves:

  • School sports kit
  • One more table tennis table
  • Badminton equipment
  • Longer KS2 reading books
  • More KS1 picture books

In addition Bev has asked for:

  • Board games from KS1
  • Aprons & chefs hats
  • Lego
  • Resources for gardening

We agreed:

  • to allocate £1,500 for this year’s Panto trip
  • to contribute £4,000 for the picnic area transformation
  • to contribute £500 for the childrens wishlist, except for the school sports kits which it was felt that the federation should contribute to
  • to discuss alternative options for club resources with Bev, e.g. local business contributions, donations of unwanted materials from parents, Scrap Store


  • Get book requests from the children
  • Discuss options for club resources with Bev

Upcoming events

Valentine’s Day cake sales

We discussed including a craft stall at the same time e.g. making Mothers’ Day gifts

We agreed to:

  • Valentine’s Day Cake Sale + craft stall – Friday 10th Feb
  • Make clearer signs for stalls
  • Naomi & Catherine to run


  • Cat to make reusable signs / posters for Cake Sales, SPA meetings etc

Bunny Bake Off – Friday 24th March

The Bake Off and Easter Egg hunt were both really popular last year. We decided to hold a combined Bake Off, Easter Egg hunt & Mothers’ Day craft event.

Other events

Ideas discussed included:

  • ‘Bingo’ – we thought it would be better to do something different
  • ‘Cultural Food event’ – would have to include something for the children e.g. disco
  • ‘Games Night’ – after Easter, indoor & outdoor board games with food & drink


  • Sarah to contact Sainsbury’s for chocolate donations
  • Naomi to contact Poundland for chocolate
  • Gemma to investigate badge maker
  • Cat & Naomi to discuss combined Games & Cultural Food event

Parent engagement

We discussed ideas for involving more parents in SPA events including:

  • Better distribution of information about SPA and what we do
  • Talking to other parents
  • SPA display & sign up slips with dropbox at reception
  • Possibility of school texting reminders before SPA meetings & events


  • Cat to make glamourous cardboard box for sign up


From Ping Henningham:

Please can we buy new sound system for lower hall? …Perhaps another trip/treat/theatre type trip could be initiated. Or an owl day (when you get owl handlers to come to school)? I hear you can get birds of prey too…

Regarding an owl or birds of prey day: Great idea but unfortunately the school are not keen


Sarah to discuss lower hall sound system with the school

From Lucy Carter:

Why did we not do xmas cards in December? Can we plan this for 2017?

We didn’t have funds to do cards last December but we could do them this year.

Valentines cake sake is next diary date – any plans for easter bunny fair?

See above for Bunny Bake Off

Can we have more volunteers to clear up afterwards – esp in the kitchen – after xmas fair Naomi and I were the last to leave after scrubbing floors and more help would have been gratefully received

See above for discussion about improving parental involvement

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