11th July 2019 Annual General Meeting


Naomi Richards (Chair), Dan Farrow (Outgoing Secretary), Catherine Nichols (Treasurer), Emily Aubin, Elina Dzosare, Anna Pilch, Clare Spindler

Introduction from Chair

Rory came in to tell us that the school is overwhelmed & amazed by the amount we raised at the Fair. He told us that when he announced the total in the staff room there was an audible gasp!

Summer Fair follow up

Some feedback we received was that there wasn’t enough food e.g. the barbeque ran out before the end. A couple of additional food stalls would have been enough to fill this gap.

We discussed investing in a coffee machine which would be really useful, both for volunteers and to sell at events. Everyone agreed was a good idea.

Some visitors commented that they found the bar difficult to find. We discussed keeping the Bar near the food.

Naomi asked that anyone who has run a stall should write up a guide to how to run it.

Having small teams running each stall is really important so that volunteers can share the load, and to allow stalls to be self-sufficient and not need time & attention from the event manager.

There was an issue with stallholders not knowing about the green wristbands given to outside volunteers so they could have free food. All stall-holders need to have a proper briefing on the day so they’re aware of things like this.

There was an issue with a donated cake containing walnuts. We take this extremely seriously and do our best to ensure this doesn’t happen but there will always be a risk. This is included in the event Risk Assessment and should also form part of the stall-holders briefing.

The iZettle card reader made a big difference and we should invest in more machines to make it easier to take payments. These will pay for themselves!

Treasurer’s Report

We made £700 more than last year, despite the lower estate agents board income. Catherine ran through how much each stall made [link to breakdown]

We have about £17,700 in the bank. Catherine gave us a breakdown of what each event made during the school year and what we have contributed to the school [add link to donations].

Committee members

Dan is leaving the school, and Naomi is stepping down as Chair. We need to have an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) to vote in their replacements in September.

Next year’s events

Ideas we discussed included:

  • Shacklewell Day should be the first event of the school year because it’s a great introduction for new families. It’s not too difficult to organise because it’s mostly about food
  • Shacklewell’s Got Talent could be a standalone event
  • Bake Off was not as big an event as it could have been, perhaps not enough advertising or forward planning. It could happen at any time during the school year e.g. closer to the TV Bake Off
  • Preliminary dates for Christmas Fair & Summer Fair need to be decided as soon as possible, put into the school diary & advertised to families. These should be decided as soon as school starts back in September
  • As there is a lack of music & dance in the school curriculum we should focus on these
  • Our other areas of focus should be inclusivity & supporting our school community

Purchase requests from the school

We went through a list of purchase requests from the school [link to purchase requests list] and voted on each of them:

  • £500 for Gardening Club & to transform the garden into a kitchen garden
    • If this is going to happen there needs to be pressure on the school to deliver this project
    • We could ask Good Gym to come & clear the garden
    • We provisionally agreed to donate but we need more details and also a clear plan
    • Emily is looking into this as her brother runs a community garden
  • £2,400 / year (£400 for each year group) for Curriculum trips
    • We voted yes
  • £300 towards Safe Space resources
    • We voted yes
  • Panto contribution
    • Panto tickets cost £4,136 for years 1 to 6
    • Travelling panto costs £555
    • Normally parents contribute towards this but the school has asked us to donate whatever we can
    • Last year we donated £2,400
    • We discussed the amount we should donate and settled on £3,000
    • We also agreed that we should see how much we would have to contribute to bring the parent/guardian contribution down to £250
  • £400 for Anti-Bullying workshops
    • We voted yes
  • Annual school donation
    • This is a contribution we give to the school for them to spend on things like discretionary hardship funds, extra books etc.
    • We discussed raising our contribution
    • We settled on a figure of £700 (£100 for each year group)


  • NAOMI liaise with school about Panto donation
  • DAN make more volunteer badges
  • DAN to ask Caroline to write crepe directions
  • Ask other stallholders to write up instructions

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